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At the age of 18, vampires are to make a blood oath with a human, bonding them for life. The humans give their blood while the vampires protect them. And with darkness rising, that protection will be extremely important.

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The air in the mansion was still. She assumed that the hunter and the lover were in the master bedroom, feeding or talking or doing something together. She couldn't hear them from the kitchen, so maybe the master was feeding or they were in a deep discussion. Regardless, Eden was about to disturb them. Nearly skipping across the house and down halls, she moved with a dancer's step all the way to the door of the master bedroom. She supposed many people would fear disturbing the vampire that controlled them, but Eden didn't. She'd been punished before by not displaying enough respect, however it's taught her about what Amberlyn would tolerate and what she wouldn't. Besides, she would want to know about this little malfunction. She knocked on the door with two sharp rasps. When she got no response, she peeked into the room before stepping in.

"Amberlyn?" She called with a small voice. Though her voice was small, she somehow managed to catch people's attention. "The sink in the kitchen isn't working. The water won't run and I don't know why. The others run fine. And Adronis, your dinner's in the dining room when you get hungry." Eden finished her report with a smug smile, hoping for some kind of payment. The rest of the night off, a few hours to go outside, a few extra dollars in tip...she'd take just about anything after cleaning all day. Now that she thought about it, she was instructed to clean a lot more than usual today. Eden wondered if Amberlyn had invited guests of some sort.