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At the age of 18, vampires are to make a blood oath with a human, bonding them for life. The humans give their blood while the vampires protect them. And with darkness rising, that protection will be extremely important.

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Setting: New York City2011-09-09 01:33:09, as written by Zetna
“I found someone...” Crouching in a tree, the tracker observed a target. He had found a human and by the looks of it he had no vampire with him. Sora needed to had been two days. Another one and he would have some troubles. He wasn’t sure where the other Hybrids were but he had found a Human. Once the human was neutralized and that Sora had drunk his share, he would call the other Hybrids to tell them he had found some fresh blood. The man was in his twenties. He seemed to be in good shape and had just come out of a gym. Sora just hoped he didn’t take drugs, medication or something like that. It made the blood taste horrible. He wasn’t too excited on killing this man but it needed to be done. The Tracker had caught this human sent a day ago. Using his keen sense of smell, he followed and tracked the man. Once he found him he learned his routine and found the perfect time to strike. It wasn’t safe for a human to be out like that....but still this man seemed to do it often. He was asking to get killed...

The man walked in the dark streets, apparently scared. Sora had leaped from the tree to a roof. He followed his prey in silence. He would call the other Hybrids now. It had never been an established rule...but Sora felt that it was his job as the Tracker to track food. The others would come if they wanted...if they didn’t they would miss out on some fresh healthy blood. Looking down on his target, the Hybrid leaped down. There had been no sound and no one in sight. Sora had a thing for drinking blood while his victim was alive. The blood would stay fresh for an hour before it started decomposing after death. That would be enough to time for the other Hybrids to arrive. Landing in back on the man, he lunged at him with extreme speed. Stabbing his claws in the man’s arms to keep him from moving, he dug his fangs into his neck. He pulled down, snapping his neck. The man was now dead and Sora drank his share of blood. Looking up at the sky, he howled. The howl was not that of a normal wolf. Only Hybrids would know who it was from. There Tracker had found some blood....and it was good blood