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At the age of 18, vampires are to make a blood oath with a human, bonding them for life. The humans give their blood while the vampires protect them. And with darkness rising, that protection will be extremely important.

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Eclipse's first thought was food... when she heard Sora's howl. Before she could even blink she shifted into her wolf skin and was already sprinting toward town. The trees and bushes she passed were a blur as she ran by but she could tell they were dimming as she got closer to town. Her fur was bristling at the thought of blood and other things. Eclipse slowed when she saw Sora standing over lunch. Realizing Sora hadn't heard her, so she went into a crouch and started stalking Sora until she was two feet behind him. She leaped forward and pushed Sora over in mid-howl. She bared her teeth in a mock snarl and bit into the human's forearm and pulled the body away from Sora. She let go of it until she was covored in the shadow of the trees.

"come on. I expected more of a fight, Sora." Eclipse teased as she made bowing motion before she moved and an a instant she was looking down at Sora. She was in one of her go-happy but careless moods now and she was hoping a fight would abrupt. Before she let him say anything she was back by the body and was sinking her fangs into it's already bloody neck, and fed as if Sora wasn't there.