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At the age of 18, vampires are to make a blood oath with a human, bonding them for life. The humans give their blood while the vampires protect them. And with darkness rising, that protection will be extremely important.

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Kirenai watched as the nighttime version of the city came to life. All the lights, the noice, and the people hustling about. This was when all the freaks came out, after all. Every time the vampire saw someone he could overpower he thought of countless ways to get them alone and take everything af value. But today Kirenai was resisting. He now had a human, and he didn't need enemies coming after her. Anyways, it wasn't as if Kirenai needed the money. It was... it was... an addiction. Perfect word for it. Just the thrill of holding your weapon up to someone's head.... Kirenai sighed. It wasn't as if anything was going to happen tonight. He resigned himself to the walk home. The vampire was in a section of the city rarely used. His footsteps redounded through the concrete alleys and streets.

"Ahh! Somebody help!"

"Shut up old man! There's nobody here to help you!"

Kirenai peered curiously around the corner of the alley. There was two humans; a gangster and bussiness man. The ganster was mugging the man with a wicked looking knife. Rage flowed through Kirenai. This is my territory! Neither of the humans had vampires, obviously. Any vampire the bussiness man had would've been protecting him by now and no vampire would let their human mug others. In a flash, Kirenai had his gun out and pointed at the mugger. "Now, now. Play nice." As expected, the mugger froze. "You have five seconds to give me your wallet. Five..." The gangster fumbled with his pockets. "Four...." He was still looking. "Three...." Finally he held out his wallet to Kirenai with trembling fingers, which the vampire excepted. "Very good. Now toss your knife over that fence." The gangster did as he was told, chucking his weapon clear over the fence. "Now run." The gangster, white with fright, scrambled to get away. Kirenai waited till his foosteps faded before turning to the bussiness man.

The human was slack with relief. "Thank you! Thank you so much." Kirenai pointed his gun at the victim's head, who paled. "Now don't get so happy. But luckily for you, I got what I wanted." And with that, the vampire whirled out of the alleyway, counting his loot.