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At the age of 18, vampires are to make a blood oath with a human, bonding them for life. The humans give their blood while the vampires protect them. And with darkness rising, that protection will be extremely important.

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Various jars of paints were sprawled across the floor. sitting right next to them, was an easel Amberlyn had set up in her bed room. She randomly splotched colors onto the white canvas, frustrated that she couldn't thing of anything to create. "I just feel like I've already painted everything you know?" She said accidentally getting black paint into the yellow jar. Letting out a huff, the young vampire did a spin, causing both her hair and smock to flow outward. "Perhaps if you tried posed for me? But of course you would need to out those suffocating pants. Don't you have anything remotely formal?" Suddenly, Amberlyn's train of thought was interrupted but a the squeak of her door opening.

"Amberlyn?" The voice from the door rang. It was her servant, Eden. "The sink in the kitchen isn't working. The water won't run and I don't know why. The others run fine. And Adronis, your dinner's in the dining room when you get hungry." She let out a sigh and sat on the bed, removing her paint stained smock.

"Eden, If you can try to get it fixed in the next few hours, I'll let you relax for the evening. Anything to make sure this place is perfect. " Amberlyn sat at her vanity and started brushing out her hair. "But first, I need you to clean up these paints. Oh, and Adronis, I need you to get something a bit more formal for tonight, and help me pick out a party dress as well." She sat down her hair brush and gave a big grin, thinking over the events for the evening.