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At the age of 18, vampires are to make a blood oath with a human, bonding them for life. The humans give their blood while the vampires protect them. And with darkness rising, that protection will be extremely important.

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Setting: New York City2011-09-10 00:05:52, as written by Zetna
Sora had been feeding when he heard and smelled one of the other hybrids arrive. The sent was particular...Eclipse. Sora had never been to fawned of her but at the same time he would feel empty without her. The Warrior and the Tracker had been forced to work in teams many times even if they both hated it. There was a type of rivalry between them. Eclipse usually won their little spars or competitions but it was because of Sora that she still lived. He had found food for her numerous times. He stood up and started talking. “Ah...Eclipse...glad to see you stopped by...” But before he could continue his sentence she had thrown him back and he had found himself on the floor...where he usually was when they spared. She was stronger...but Sora had different qualities than strength. The simple technique had come quick and even if Sora was extremely quick this had taken his by surprise. Once on the floor he sat up and looked at her. He felt stupid. His back had been to her and she was in a good mood...he should have seen this coming.

"Come on. I expected more of a fight, Sora."He ignored this remark... Still on the floor, he cracked his neck and spoke in a calm and neutral voice “Very funny... next time ask please and I’ll gladly move and give you some too...” He whipped his mouth and looked next to him. Farren had just arrived. Farren had been their leader for some time. Sora had no problem with having a leader. Even if he didn’t’ do to good with orders, Farren was a good leader and treated all the Hybrids with a certain respect. Sora also knew that Farren had a he tried not to make him too angry. “Sora, be more wary. Next time it may not be Eclipse.”
“Yeah...tell that to miss insane over there...."

With that Sora stood and walked up to Eclipse who was still feeding. Next to her he spoke lightly “Better move Eclipse...Farren’s here. Leave him some blood.” He then walked away and sat down under a tree. He yawned and waited until they had both finished feeding. He was glad to have them both here...well less Eclipse. But this would be a perfect opportunity to figure out what to do about their blood problem.