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At the age of 18, vampires are to make a blood oath with a human, bonding them for life. The humans give their blood while the vampires protect them. And with darkness rising, that protection will be extremely important.

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Delilah blinked, eyes upon the wallet. It was odd for Kirenai to give anyone a gift of any sort. She reached out a small hand and took it from his grasp, opening it to look inside. He was right. Only five dollars. But the wallet had to be worth something even though it was on the old side. A little frown of confusion on her lips, she shifted her cool gaze up to his. Her heart jumped inside her chest. He was moving, looming over her. One hand placed itself beside her head, the other on her shoulder. Blood pounded in her ears as his lips brushed at her neck. A shutter ran through her.

She couldn't help but let out a gasp at the prick of his fangs, but the pain immediately subsided as pleasure replaced it. Her body felt tingly, numb; she forced herself to remain standing. Her left hand had found its way to his jacket and latched onto the fabric, but she wasn't aware of it at the moment. She was consumed by the sensation. Completely consumed. But it was brief and the moment he pulled away she felt cold.

"Thanks for the money," Delilah said weakly, meeting his crimson gaze. Biting her lip, she looked away, cheeks lightly flushed. "Would you, er, like to go on a walk with me?"