Masion in the woodsAlexander

"Yes, I am a vampire like Edward Cullen, only I have emotions, I can kick ass, and I don't sparkle."

a character in “Blood Promie”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Name: Alexander
Nickname: Zander
Age that was turned: 16
How old you look: 16
Looks like:
Clothes: Same as picture
Bedroom: Bedroom 1
History: He’s only been a Vampire for a few years and was turned by a girl just around his age who thought it would be fun for them to spend eternity forever. He was so angry she was a vampire and had turned him that he brutally murdered her right then and there. Thus leading to his easily aggravated behaviour and distrust of women.
Likes: Being in control, Blood, fighting, Cats
Dislikes: Women that try to control him, Rain, Dogs (he’s a cat person)
Other: He hated that he was turned against his will and thus will not turn anyone without their consent. He’s relatively good at controlling his thirst but does surrender to it sometimes. Overall he’s still young and enjoys expressing his vampire side.

So begins...

Alexander's Story