Bloodshed in the French Quarter {Reboot}

Bloodshed in the French Quarter {Reboot}


The Big Easy ain't so easy, especially when you have vampire brothers tightening a leash around your throat. How long will you stand for it? Or would there be bloodshed in the French Quarter?

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Girl2Fine2 {Just call me Nell or Nellie}

The year is 2014, in mid spring close to the end of the school year for those still studying. Set in the deep south, you are welcomed by more than the typical southern drawl; New Orleans is comprised of a plethora of dialects, music, mystery, intrigue, and a mixture of cultures that can't be found anywhere else. A boisterous and lively city set near the gulf, you are greeted by the sight of both the lush, woody area and the bright lights of the city and its colorful group of citizens.

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Also known as "The Big Easy," New Orleans has been known has the largest city and metropolitan area of the state of Louisiana. With its French and Spanish-Creole architecture, this city is home to nearly four-hundred thousand citizens, all ranging from different backgrounds and ethnic groups. However, behind the history and intrigue of the city lays a much darker and more dangerous secret; a secret that not all who live here are fully aware or choose to acknowledge.

As New Orleans is home to humans, it is also home to a powerful vampire coven run by two vampire brothers whose origins have yet to be discovered. Said to have been here since the founding of this great city, these brothers have run the city as if it were their kingdom; with iron fists, they have laid down laws and made New Orleans their home, staking claim over the land even with the inclusion of other supernatural creatures. They have a tight leash over the dwindling group of witches who are native to the land and have even managed to keep the neighboring wolf pack secluded living in the bayou unless they work in the city because of a deep-set hatred neither group seems to understand the origins of.

But how long until the werewolves choose to fight back for their equality? Will the witches, with their traditional practices and dwindling numbers, remain loyal to the vampires that rule over them? Will there ever be a treaty signed? Or will there be bloodshed in the French Quarter?


{What You Need To Know}

  • Are immortal.
  • No, they are not all pale. In fact, they all have different back stories and ethnicities. They do not sparkle in the sun light and their eyes are not golden. They appear to be rather normal.
  • They are gifted with the ability to compel, which is under the category mental manipulation (it allows the user to render others unconscious, suppress their memories, and negate the use of abilities, increase/decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be agreeable, sway sensations to induce altered perception). Also, they have supernatural strength, speed and agility, and an accelerated healing rate.
  • They do not transform into bats. And, though they live forever, they can be killed by a stake to the heart, decapitation, or not feeding. They are also weakened by vervain and large quantities of the substance can kill.
  • They sustain themselves off of blood, whether it be human or animal. Most opt for human blood because it is richer and sweeter, especially if drunk from a witch, but there are some who choose not to partake in harming a human. The coven even has humans called blood slaves or pets that they drink off, though they tend to get possessive of their own.
  • They do not burn into a thousand tiny pieces. The sun can be annoying at times, yes, but the witches have given the coven members rings to allow them to walk outside.
  • They do not procreate. The only way to become a vampire is to have vampire blood in your system at least twenty-four hours before you die.

  • They are not all tanned or dark. Also, they are not huge as Twilight would have you believe. They are regular sized wolves, all with the same eye color as in their human form except more intense. The alpha is notably bigger than the other wolves, but not overbearingly so.
  • They seem to have a pack mentality, more so than even the coven. They even are able to communicate telepathically with one another.
  • They are gifted with an accelerated healing factor, supernatural strength, speed and agility. Their canines are just as sharp as a vampire's bite. However, they are not immortal and can be killed by silver (it has to embedded into the skin like a serious knife wound or bullet), ingestion of wolfsbane, and decapitation.
  • On every full moon, every werewolf transforms. There is no exception to this rule. It is a painful process, especially for younger wolves. Any other day, however, transforming is voluntary.

  • They are considered servants of nature and tasked, by nature, to maintain balance in the world.
  • They are extremely traditional and magic is inherited, not given. The magic connects them to the elements, though some are more skilled with certain elements than others.
  • They have a range of powers such as spell-casting and elemental control, but not all are extremely skilled. Younger members can be more influenced by darker magic, more so than the older witches.
  • There are limits to their powers. Stronger spells or darker magic can either taint the witch or weaken them. Some spells even require the death of said witch and are forbidden, but some have tapped into that magic for fun or because of a request from a vampire.
  • They are typically human and can die as a normal human being can, though there are a few protective spells that they are allowed to use.

Name| Age| Brief description or backstory| Face Claim| Status


Atlas MacKeltar| 1156| Older brother of below; killed the Sentinel's parents| FC: Chris Hemsworth| Taken

Schuyler MacKeltar| 1345| Younger brother of above; growing attached to his blood slave| FC: Stephen Amell| Taken

Isabella Wright| 864| Changed by above; is seeing the Delta| FC: Gal Gadot| Taken

Chuck Rothschild| 152| Changed by leader; messing with the second-in-command witch| FC: Ed Westwick| Taken

Coven Member 3| 56| Changed by above; she is responsible for the death of the old Alpha; hates vampirism| FC: Aja Naomi King| Reserved (1)

Yvette Poulain| 19| Changed by second-in-command; doesn't know her brother is here| FC: Sophie Turner| Taken


Anchal Joseph| 26| Used to secretly date the Alpha before he assumed his position| FC: Freida Pinto| Taken

Claire Poplar| 25| Messing with Coven Member 2 and is using him for information; hates the vampires| FC: Freya Mavor| Taken

Witch 1| Age| Has been practicing dark magic the longest; Older cousin of below| FC: Alex Pettyfer| Reserved (1)

Witch 2| Age| Younger cousin of above; had a small crush on Coven Member 4| FC: Benjamin Stone| OPEN

Emilia-Marie Laveau| 21| The newest to witchcraft; Leader's apprentice| FC: Jessica Parker Kennedy| Taken

______ Costa| Age| Took a break from witchcraft when he inadvertently killed a family member; brother of Human 6| Brent Daughtery| OPEN


Christian Kwan| 27| Wants to kill Coven Member 3; is still in love with the witch leader; brother to Scout| FC: Godfrey Goa| Taken

The Beta| Age| Has feelings for Alpha; half-sister of Hunter| FC: Antonia Thomas| Reserved (1)

Jayden Foxwood| 24| Dating Coven Member 1; childhood friends with Human 3| FC: Jared Padalecki| Taken

The Scout| Age| Younger half-sister of Alpha| FC: Kristin Kreuk| Reserved (1)

Hunter| Age| Openly disrespects the coven leader and loiters around the French Quarter| FC: Dudley O'Shaughnessy| OPEN

Trinity Wallace| 20| Just recently returned to the pack after her parents' deaths| FC: Teresa Palmer| Taken


Mika Malone-Bell| 23| Grudgingly (though only sometimes) gives blood to coven leader and his brother; moved here two years ago| FC: Ashley Moore| Taken

Human 2| Age| Does not know his sister is a vampire; came because her school contacted him| FC: Eddie Redmayne| OPEN

Human 3| Age| Came to start anew; childhood friends with Delta| FC: Amy Lee (Ailee)| Reserved (1)

Human 4| Age| Gives blood to Coven Member 3, but compelled to forget| FC: Colton Haynes| OPEN

François St. Lucius| 25| Was attacked by werewolves; has since become a hunter of sorts| FC: Charles Michael Davis| TAKEN

Lena Costa| 23| Came to console her brother| FC: Jessica Lowdnes| Taken

Character Skelly

Code: Select all
[center][img]Character Name {Use or}[/img]
[img]Large gif of character[/img]
[i]"Quote from or about character"[/i][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
Age: Real age and age they appear to be, if applicable.
Species: What is your character?
Ethnicity: What is your character's ethnic background?
Sexuality: Sapio, Hetero, Homo - there are so many. Pick one. Be different.
Appearance: What does your character look like? Their clothing style? Include their wolf form if applicable.
Quirks//Habits//Oddities: What are those small things about your character that makes them who they are? What makes them tick?
Skills//Talents//Abilities: What is your character good at?
Flaws//Weaknesses//Deficits: What is your character bad at? Have a few of these. No one is perfect.
Fears: What does your character fear? Have at least 3
Secrets: Everyone has them.
Likes: Have at least 10
Dislikes: Have at least 10
Personality: This section must be two-three paragraphs or at least very understandable. Provide layers to your character. Again, no one is perfect. What are their flaws? What makes them the person they are now?
History: Again, two-three paragraphs. I want to know where they come from. The more insight you provide, the more inclined I might be to accept the CS.
Theme Song: What song really describes your character?

  • This is an adult roleplay. That entails adult content such as sex, gore, violence, death, and swearing. If any of these things make you uncomfortable or you don't think you can handle it, there is a back button just waiting to be pressed. I need mature roleplayers.
  • Along with maturity, I need literacy. I need you to be able to post at least two or three paragraphs per post, per character. Again, if you can't, then this is not the roleplay for you. I am not looking for the next best selling author, but I am looking for writers with considerable grammatical use and decent diction. One-liners are not acceptable.
  • The password is your favorite book thus far.
  • Please follow the rules of roleplaygateway. Some of you have been here longer than me; you know better. No meta-gamming, god-modding, or cyber-bullying or any of those unacceptable things. I have no problem with reporting you and booting you out of this roleplay.
  • Be respectful of other roleplayers. I don't need to see any of your drama in the OOC. Take it to PM and if it gets too serious, contact myself and report the other person. But your outside drama should not affect other players or the roleplay.
  • Also with that respect comes communication. I want people to able to post at least twice a week. We all have lives and other obligations, but if you were able to make the time to make a character, then you have the time to post or at least inform someone of your absence.
  • Reservations should be made in the OOC. You are allowed to reserve up to three characters, but you are not allowed to reserve two females unless there is a male in between that little sandwich. I understand that playing a male can be difficult, I want equality. If you are not willing when I ask because of that inequality, there is a back button with your name on it. Also, when doing your reservations, include your dialogue color for each character you are planning to create. Mine are #7D0552 and #388710.
  • Face claim changes are negotiable, but I do not want ones that are typically used. Also, you should inform me of that in your reservation as I may be privy to rejecting your request.
  • Please be aware that this is not a first-come, first-serve roleplay. You reserve, I take note on the intro page, and then you might possibly win the character. You compete with others. If you are not comfortable with that, I apologize but you can look elsewhere. Making your character sheet look pretty is a plus, but also providing a character who is different and not a Mary or Gary Sue is what I am looking for.
  • Have fun! This is just a roleplay, so enjoy it. Enjoy making your character and creating intricate storylines. Don't be afraid to contribute. I want to tell a good story, you (I hope :D) would want to create a good story, and someone else might be interested enough to read it. So, let's work to make it something grand!

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