Bloodsong islandAllister "Ally" Black

A Fun-loving kid who is loyal to his friends and love to pull pranks.

a character in “Bloodsong Boarding School”, as played by Calamity

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About 5'9 Sandy blonde hair, slim build.
Likes to wear brand name clothes like Quicksilver, O'niel, and Voltage.
Has a small scar down his left eye.
His eyes are Odd, almost wolf-like.


-Name: Allister Caine Cyrus Black
-Nickname/Alias: Ally
Age: 16
-Grade: Sophomore, I guess?
Gender: Male
-Roommate: If someone wants to be mine, than damn skippy. If not then that's cool too.
Power: Lycanthropy
-Allows you to: Gain the characteristics of a wolf. (Eyes,tail,ears ect.) But only one at a time.
Appearance: See picture XD
Sexual Orientation: Straight
-What you look for in a partner: Someone nice, and fun-loving. And being nice-looking doesn't hurt either. XD
-Crush: No one at this point in time.
Elective: Archery
-2nd Elective: Library[/quote]
Bigbrother/Bigsister: Sure, I guess.
Theme Songs: Full moon- the black ghosts, Your'e gonna go far kid- the offspring, Undead-Hollywood Undead, One week- The bare naked ladies, Wake up call- Maroon 5


I dunno, His ipod?


Grew up, liked by every one because of his sports prowess, but was hated once they found out about his..."Skill".

So begins...

Allister "Ally" Black's Story