New York CityDarcy Toretto

"I dance, because dance can change things."

a character in “Born From A Boombox”, as played by Midnight's Work

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Darcy Toretto

How old am I?
I'm about 20.
I am a
What I see in the mirror
I see a somewhat short girl. She's not some fashion model with a perfect body, but because she dances, she is in shape. I see a face that's framed by medium length, light brown hair, and is accented by two pretty, in my opinion at least, amber eyes.
My true colors
All my life, I've been told that my dreams, are just dreams. That's only made me try harder, so now, I'm stronger. I dont give a shit about what people say about me, they can say what they want. What matters is what I think of myself. If I want to do it, I'll work until I achieve what I've worked for. The Nomads are my family, I'd do anything for them. Mess with them, I promise you, I'll make you regret it.
This is my story?
My parents died in a car crash when I was 12 years old. I spent a year in an orphanage, and I hated it with every fiber of my being. Then, I got adopted by some guy whom I hated worse. I spent 9 months with him. Worst time of my life. He raped me and beat me practically every night i was there. Told me he'd kill me if I told anyone, so I kept my mouth shut. I wore long sleeves and baggy jeans to cover up the cuts and bruises. I only had two friends, and after my first semester, I had PE. I was able to get out of wearing the short sleeves because the main coach was on maternity leave. Then, she came back. That was the day the cat ripped its way out of the bag. I had to borrow my friend's tank top for class, but once the coach saw the bruises, she ordered me to go to the principal's office. She followed me and there, I had to tell them exactly how my adoptive father had raped and beat me practically every night for 9 months. They immediately called the police. The police department relocated me to New York City, where I was placed in another orphanage. Orphanages just weren't my thing, so I left after a week. I held my own, dancing on the streets for cash, until The Nomads found me. They took me in, became my family. Since then, I've had a family, a home, and a life.
Wanna know more?
I love music, plat

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