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Born in the Light of Eyes

Sonder City

a part of Born in the Light of Eyes, by Quakernuts.

The City of Hope and Dreams

Quakernuts holds sovereignty over Sonder City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Sonder City is a part of Born in the Light of Eyes.

Places in Sonder City:

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Sonder City is an independent City State based out of the middle of Europe. With no governing nation or faction, Sonder City has become somewhat of a haven to those who don't agree with or actively fight their governments. The entire state was created in an attempt to provide the world a clear view of how humanity could work together when put into a situation that required all of their collective know how to make successful. As such, the immigration laws in Sonder are extremely relaxed and people from all walks of life are welcome to have a place within its borders.

While it has managed to retain a public image of peace and harmony, the underbelly of the beast is littered with waste and parasites working to undermine what the rest of the populace has struggled to achieve. Criminal elements both small and large are hidden from the view of the world as Sonder City's law enforcement do their best to minimize the damage.

Filled with technological, cultural and religious marvels, Sonder City truly is a beacon to humanity as to what we can achieve when given the motivation and resources. It is also a reminder that human nature is incredibly hard to change, if it even can.