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A Roleplay about the lives of a few students at West oak high.

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Setting: West Oak High2010-09-19 03:29:56, as written by Ashes
Liz swung her light blue purse over her shoulder and grabbed a few books before striding down the stairs slowly. Of course she ignored her taunting sister-which at the moment was sticking her tongue out at her and pouting, and quickly made her way for the front door. No breakfast for Liz, she never ate these days; instead she just studied up in her room, listened to Secondhand Serenade, and cried herself to sleep. Ever since her father's she had been that way, last year at school she was even popular-but not anymore. Instead she was the silent weird girl, that never wears makeup. True, she never did wear makeup, but she was already pretty enough. 'A Natural beauty' her father used to call her, that that she was. "Bye ma!" She called back before the door slammed shut before her and she pulled her jacket closer.

"Shit.." She grumbled as she parked her car inn the schools parking lot, "I forgot my damn math book!" She screamed as she slammed her hand down on the steering wheel and heaved a sigh. "It's fine, you can just borrow one Liz..just chill out.." She assured herself as she grabbed her belongings, hopped out of her car and took in the morning air.

Liz used t love school-the friends, hot guys, and gossip, but now that she was in a new school and her father had died, she was quiet and scared. "Deep breaths.." She whispered as she checked her pale blue skinnies and black top-Flawless of course, but she still wore her old white jacket that was two sizes too big. Without another word, the blonde girl pushed her hair back and strode inside; unsure of what might happen on the first day, or if anyone would even talk to her.