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A Roleplay about the lives of a few students at West oak high.

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Setting: West Oak High2010-09-19 03:55:41, as written by amin
Mr.Mathews Walked into class dropping his books on the table infront of him as he looked around. "So first day of school and half the class didnt show up?" This was his first day at this school but he had been a teacher for twenty years and had found his own way to deal with problems like this."Ok pop test!" he passed out a test to the three Students. "This is all basic review, since you three care about your lives you get to take the test together. The students not here well recieve a zero. The test should only take you about 20 minutes, you have to stay here for the rest of class, if you dont finish take it home i realy dont care." he walked out the door to the teachers lounge. He wasnt lazy just smart, students would make sure they made it to class now.