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A Roleplay about the lives of a few students at West oak high.

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Setting: West Oak High2010-09-19 03:59:39, as written by Ashes
Elizabeth Daine (Liz) heaved a sigh as she stopped in front of her first period; She noticed a guy and quickly hid out of sight and pulled her hood over her head and kept her head down towards the floor as she strode into the classroom quickly, trying to avoid eye contact or any contact at all. He would know she was a girl, from her shape and her long flowing blond hair.

Liz would then bump into a desk, not paying attention to where she was going and whimpered softly as she stopped to grab her knee; her hood falling back in the process. If he looked at her, he would notice haw beautiful she really was, with icy blue eyes, a few cute freckles, and a flawless face. "fuck.." She whispered as she stood back up straight and took a seat, a few away from the guy.

Liz then turned to the teacher, still hiding her face with a slender hand and wrote her name on the page; in cursive hand-writing, beautiful really.