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Breaking Barriers


Making the world...Everything from a couple of things...Its only hard if you are falling in love...

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Breaking Barriers

The darkness was endless. Empty and nothing. No cold no warmth. And something came from the darkness. A being that finally created something whole. Thoughts and feeling in the emptiness of space.
Arceus became started and was there. He moved and shifted. Bending to his will everything. Crating others to help create with him. They were…

Cresselia: Played by Unholy Paradox
Giratina: Played by Iceredm (me :D )

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Name either the name of the character. Or if you want to give the person a new name. Like Joe. But something not as lame please. Just remember to put in the name of the pokemon it represents. Age as in let’s get a bit of a reference as to how they might act. And let’s not have random old men or children. Makes things smoother. Let’s try to have the same amount of girls and guys. Not everyone has to fall in love. But still just saying it’s up to you people. Try to make the picture anime. I know how often it says anime but sorry guys. Just makes it easier. And if you need help finding an image. Just type in the name of the pokemon and add Gijinka…

To help him make the rest of the creation. Arceus left them to do so. And until the time came he would let them create. Merge and get to know one another, and until then. He would keep his mission to himself. …Till they were ready.
This is like a romance Role Play. One of the ones where you simply try to get people to fall in love. But Gijinka style. And also there might be problems if people do know about the movies. Where people might be forced to move apart. So it also makes the reading a little bit easier to understand. For me anyway. I dunno about other people. So much like this is what your person should look like. . .


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If you like this idea. Or simply don’t like the pokemon. Don’t worry. I might be making other series with more original pokemon. If this goes well or if I get good responses. (When I say original I mean like Lugia Zapdos and the 150's ))

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how do u get into character i tried what it said to do and its not working PLEASE HELP ME

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thank god

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it works

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Could we please start

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Character Portrait: Gardevoir
Character Portrait: Cresselia


Character Portrait: Gardevoir

this pokemon is a swift magistic beuaty that will be strong when neeeded, she is smart pretty and most of sensitive towards others

Character Portrait: Cresselia

Cresselia, the Lunar Pokemon. Shining particles are released from Cresselia's wings like a veil, and it is said to represent the crescent moon.


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