DartmouthAilara Bluesummers

"What do you mean?"

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Who the hell are you and why are you here?
Girl 5.

Whats your name?
Ailara Bluesummers

Something other then your name you wish to be called?
Larry or Aila

How old are you(18-20 Your barely starting college remember?)?

College Major?
Behavioral Psychology

Current relationship status?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
When Ailara looks in the mirror, she sees a girl at 5'7 with curly hair on her back. Some on her forehead that constantly needs pushing back and some over her ears that need tucking. She then sees her vibrant brown eyes that are sometimes lowered in anger or thought, or wide when being mischievous or having fun. Next is her perfect teeth that took three years of braces because her genetically given teeth were absolutely terrible. Then is her well rounded body that weighs her in at 140 lbs. Looking more curvaceous then a model or an athlete, Ailara sees her body as a weapon first, then a temple. Finally Ailara sees her clothing, leaning more towards nerdy when it comes to class, study, and lounging time, Ailara wears black or khaki Dickie pants that come up to the stomach, suspenders, and a buttoned up, well ironed shirt that is always tucked in and calve high white socks. Not that people can see her socks since her pants goes down to her ankles. When Ailara is at a certain area or attending a certain event or even just trying to seduce someone, she sees tight shirts that hug her breasts and skinny jeans or short shorts that bring out her pleasantly plump bottom.

Are you a shy person or do you have a wild side?
Ailara is a definitely not shy. Her personality is colorful, she can be very mischievous and flirty and yet, just a tad bit off the wall to confuse people. One to hold a time wearing grudge, Ailara's temper is not known for it's shortness, but for what exactly sets her off. Usually she does not even say what makes her mad, just snaps at the person that does, or walks away. This is what confuses people since they think she is hotheaded, which she is not, at least not to that extent. Ailara is also crafty, a compliment to her mischievous side and only more trouble for others. One to smile in your face, flirt in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend and scaring off people who don't know her foxy ways, Ailara can be the color in your life or the color outside of your lines.

What's the story of your life?
Ailara was raised by her single father who was a magician. Intrigued in his trade, she spent most of her childhood years around her dad and learned all of his tricks. During that time she learned that magic was not real and her childish mentality was abandoned at a much younger age. Now seeing the world in black and white, her high school years were spent trying to add color into it, whether it be by experimentation or pranks. The world's only mistake was to let her into college.

What do you like or dislike?
Classical/ Soul/ Indie music best, though her music selection is varied.
Manners / Respect
Video Games
Asking/ answering questions
Body contact
Quality time
Cards/ Board games

Rude people
Blue humor
Gifts/ favors
Cold weather
Being forced to wear something
Being forced to do something
Thieves/ theft
Sticks in the mud

What do you do in your "Me" time?
If her homework is done, Ailara spends the rest of her time doing a variety of things, like video games or playing soccer or reading a nice book. If she can, she would try to do such things with other people. She would go out of her way to be with a friend just to spend some quality time together. It really means a lot to her.

Extra facts?
Can be cocky or confident when challenged.
Her physical touch is usually a deal breaker for most, she may go over peoples comfort zone just to be in hers. Guys may not mind as much as girls. Too bad she likes being physical with girls more.

Her sexuality is straight.

Ailara is mostly the manipulator though if people really wanted to, they could manipulate her with her favorite foods or her favorite activites.

So begins...

Ailara Bluesummers's Story