Bring It On Around the World

Bring It On Around the World

Are you ready to bring it on in a tour around the world? And to spice things up, let's add some powers!!!

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Get ready for a cheer-tastic summer! Representing their individual countries are five all-star cheerleading teams, each some of the best the world has ever seen. Why? Simply because these teams have something that no other has had before - powers! Yes, you heard right. Each of the teams have powers considering what their names are or what region they are from. With that being said, those powers have been incorporated into all of their routines and have wowed even the toughest of judges! And with all of the different powers, personalities, and competitive spirits, this summer is going to be filled with loads of fun!

Are you ready?

This competition taking place requires that each time tour around the world and compete against one another to win the grand prize. The said prize is a $30,000 check to the team in new uniforms, a brand new and fully equipped gym, and an opportunity to perform at the next Olympics as the torch is lit by the team's captain. Of course, while the grand prize sounds amazing to all of the teams, what the judges and coaches hope they get out of this is the appreciation for travel and an openness towards the different cultures that the teams will encounter. For some of these cheerleaders, this will be the first time out of their respective countries. And the competition is not just important for the teams, but for the individuals because for some, this is the last time they will compete with their friends before they go off to college.

The first stop will be in Biarritz, France, a luxurious seaside town that can be reached via a speed train from Paris. The first competition will be on La Grande Plage, the town's largest beach. Afterwards, the teams will travel to Barcelona, Spain to compete at PortAventura, an amusement park. Then, they will reach Berlin, Germany to compete at the Olympiastadion, the sports stadium where Germany held the 1936 Summer Olympics. Next is Naha, Okinawa where they will compete on the beach. Finally, the teams will end the competition at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California where the team who has accumulated the largest amount of points shall be declared the winner. At each location, the teams are vying for a total of 100 points in choreography, tumbling, and originality. The greater the tricks and the more creative the teams are with their routines, the more points they accumulate. Each stay will last for two weeks, the last week being the main time for practice and the last day being the competition day. The first week is simply for fun and with all the hook ups, break ups, show downs, and fights, everyone is sure to have a little fun.

And so, the question is: are you all ready to bring it on?

The Teams

Country: United Kingdom
Colors: Black and White
Powers: This team has the ability to create illusions and have varying skills in telekinesis.
These individuals are all-star champions where choreography is concerned. Despite having never won a competition against their sworn enemies, The Mockingjays, people around the world remember them for their dance routines and appeal. They tend to stay amongst themselves due to the captain's distrust of all the other groups though some members tend to venture out.

Captain||Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Deborah Ann Woll|| Reserved

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Taylor Momsen|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Alice Grecyn|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Alexander Ludwig|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Francisco Lachowski|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Beau Mirchoff|| OPEN

Country: East Coast of the US
Colors: Orange, White, and Black
Powers: The ability to manipulate fire and varying abilities under pyrokinesis
This group is, no pun intended, as fiery as they come. They are extremely competitive and while they dislike the other US team, the two have formed a truce against the Mockingjays. They are genuinely warm and make friends with the other teams well.

Captain||Layla Bennett|| 17|| FC: Jessica Lucas|| TAKEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Vanessa Hudgens|| Reserved

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Holland Roden|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Samuel Larson|| Reserved

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Jacob Artist|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Joe Jonas|| OPEN

Country: Russia
Colors: Green, White, and Black with notes of Gold
Powers: They can form wings in their backs and fly at alarming speeds. They also have slight skills in air manipulation.
This team is probably the most intimidating. They are renowned all of the world for their flexibility, routines, and just flawless execution. If there is any team that the others need to be afraid of, it is this one. This group is known for being quite critical of others and maybe even a tad bit cold to others, though some are said to be friendlier than their counterparts.

Captain|| Anastasiya Beskryostnov|| 18|| FC: Claire Holt|| TAKEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Alexandra Chando|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Kat Dennings|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Liam Hemsworth|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Mark Salling|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Tyler Hoechlin|| OPEN

Country: West Coast of US
Colors: Aqua, White and Silver
Powers: They have hydrokinesis and can heal others
They share the same distaste for the East Coast squad as the latter has for them. They would have been the only team representing the US as it should be but the Infernos surprised everyone with an explosive delivery, making it hard to choose between the two. However, all hatred has been put aside in favor of destroying the Mockingjays. What their brothers and sisters don't know is that they have been making deals with the Mockingjays to take the Infernos down. This group is the most cunning and sensuous.

Captain||Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Jessica Jung|| Reserved

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Jessica Parker Kennedy|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Kristen Bell|| Reserved

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Alex Pettyfer|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Blair Redford|| TAKEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Jung Ji-Hoon|| OPEN

Country: Switzerland
Colors: Crimson and White
Powers: They are skilled with light manipulation.
This team is probably the friendliest of all the teams and just want to showcase their best skills and talents. While not seen as a threat to the others, they have worked hard to get where they are and are ready to knock the socks off of their competitors. They despise the Ravens more than anyone else.

Captain||Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Crystal Reed|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Jane Levy|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Dianna Agron|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Kellan Lutz|| OPEN

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Steven R. McQueen|| Reserved

Name|| Age: 16 - 19|| FC: Zac Efron|| OPEN

  • Please be respectful to the other roleplayers and myself. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your reservation and/or rejection of your character
  • Password is your favorite ice cream flavor
  • Please make all reservations in the OOC with desired FC changes and password. Without the password, I cannot count your reservation.
  • There are A LOT of face claims. And some might not be your favorite. But please, don't flood with OOC with how much you despise them. Also, FCs are negotiable, but please try to pick ones that aren't so frequently used. I know that some of mine are, but let's not all be a Pretty Little Liar FC.
  • Please fade-to-black with sex scenes and move along.
  • The CS can be as creative as you want it to be, but it needs to have all of the specifics laid out for you
  • Reservations last 48 hrs unless an extension has been asked for. Also, don't disappear. Just inform me.
  • No, you cannot reserve two girls UNLESS there is a guy added to that reservation. Truthfully, I would like it if everyone can reserve both a girl AND a guy.
  • Have fun! Contribute ideas! Create relationships!!

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[center][font=times new roman]Full Name:
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Hobbies: At least 3
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Personality: Give me at least two detailed paragraphs about your character. I want to feel like I know them.[/font][/center]
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