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Earth is home to two classes of humans: The bird races, and the Feral Ones. The two can no longer live in peace and a war ensues, beginning with the massacre of an entire race.

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Humanity has come full circle. It has evolved into something greater than itself. There is a new class of humans that have achieved the impossible: the ability to fly. It was a rough journey. Over the many millennia it took to come this far, it is as if humanity traveled back to where it began. Technology was lost. Science no longer exists. But, along the way, something greater was found. Humans gained wings, and discovered how to manipulate the elements.

During this journey, some were left behind. The old class of humans still exists separate from the new. They have taken on animal-like characteristics, and a hatred for those more highly-evolved. Ferals, they are called by the bird-like races who inhabit the earth with them. It is now a single mass of land surrounded by ocean. Some think it amazing that peace reigned for so long with the animosity between the two classes of humans. But, peace could only be endured for so long.

Humanity could not evolve beyond its need for hatred, and a war soon broke out between the two classes. The Ferals dealt the first blow, attacking the peaceful and neutral Regal nation. The slaughter was immense, and the magical forest they called home was burned to the ground. Some escaped in search of protection from their Circan brethren, some were captured and enslaved, most were killed.

With such a devastating loss for the bird clans, it took some time before they could mount an offense, but it was clear that the only option was war . . .

The Diary of Ember, Prince and Heir of the fallen Regal race

The Fifth Day of Celestia, Onyx Year

The war has raged for nearly two years. It has been brutal and bloody. It is clear that we are outnumbered by the Ferals. There are those of us from what is left of the Regals who wish to join the fight, but we lack the ability. We have been peaceful for so long, and the study of light manipulation was outlawed long ago. We have no weapon to use against our foe. There are training camps where Circa are trying to teach us to use weapons without much luck, but there are a few who are learning. It seems so against our nature; so crude.

I have heard of Regals who left the forest a long time ago, refusing to conform to our way of peace. I have heard that these ones might still know our ancient magical art. I think the only way we Regals will be able to add our numbers to the fight is if we find such a person. We are not made to wield swords or bows. We are made for a more sophisticated form of battle.

I have suggested that we form a small team to search for such a person, possibly recruiting more of our kind along the way. Even some Ferals have joined the fight on our side. I have heard that the opposite is true as well. It hurts to know that there are those of our brothers with no loyalty to their kind.

My suggestion was not received well at first. After all, out of the many thousands of Regals who inhabited our home before the massacre, only a few hundred are left, that we know of. The Circan King does not know that it will do much good, after all, we have no idea how long it will take to learn our old ways. I know it can’t be long. When I feel the light upon my face, I know that I am one with it. I know that I could bend it to my will if I could just find out how. It feels so . . . natural.

I think the King might agree that such a mission is in our best interests in time. He might even agree just to be rid of me for a while. I can feel his unease every time I enter a room. He must be wondering what I will do next. It is just as well for him to sit and plan. He did not have to see his people slaughtered before his very eyes: his mother, his father, his small brothers and sisters. I must be able to fight in this war. I must be able to bring justice to those who were murdered so unjustly.

The Twentieth Day of Celestia, Onyx Year

My request has been granted, believe it or not. I am now part of an elite group with authorization to leave Circa Island in search of new recruits. We will also be looking for any Regals who need shelter, and anyone who can teach us the art of light manipulation. My father told me there were other Regals out there, hiding amongst the Ferals, who refused to give up their old ways. I intend to find them and learn from them.

There are even a few Ferals among our team. I have never met one. I have been kept apart from them because they are untrustworthy, according to the King, but we have no choice but to accept their help.

I cannot wait for our journey to begin. We will leave the island in a few days time. I have not seen the mainland since I left my forest home the day it burned to the ground. Apprehension fills me, but I must be brave. I made a promise to myself and my people, and I intend to keep it.

The Races

The Regals - A peaceful and elegant race, marked by their mild nature and exquisite features. They may well be called the most beautiful creatures on the planet. They are characterized by their pure white wings and pale features. Their hair color ranges between pale gold and white, and their eyes vary in shades of gold. Their skin is always a shimmering ivory and their only weakness is their vanity.

The Regals are politically neutral, and live peacefully in an isolated forest as elegant and magical as the Regals themselves. They are able to both read and manipulate the feelings and emotions of other creatures, and though they are pacifists, they can control and manipulate light. This power was once used as a weapon, and is no longer taught, except by the outcasts of the race who rejected the way of peace and chose not to live in the security of the forest.

There are very few Regals left since the attack on their home. They are now nearly extinct, and the most rare of the three bird races. Most of the few hundred survivors now reside on Circa Island.

The Nyx - The Nyx are polar opposites of their brother race the Regals. They are shrewd and selfish, and would just as soon sellout one of their own as help them. The Nyx can be easily bought, and for this reason it is never certain whose side they’re on. Still, there are those of the Nyx who remain loyal to the bird races, though, these Nyx are few and far between. The intelligence of the Nyx is their one true virtue, but sadly they seldom use it for anything but their own selfish gain.

The Nyx have dark features: black feathered wings and equally black hair and eyes. Their skin tone ranges between fair and lightly tanned, and they are usually a bit unkempt, even slightly wild.

The Nyx have lived among the Ferals without fear for centuries, but now that the Ferals have declared war against their kind, many are being captured, killed, or enslaved, and the rest must live in hiding. A few have even swallowed their pride and sought the shelter of their brother races. They are most feared for their ability to manipulate the elements: earth, water, wind, and fire, though each individual can only have power over one element, and to varying degrees of efficiency.

The Circa - The warriors of the bird races. They are fiercely loyal to their kind, and have become the protectors of the remaining Regals, as well as those of the Nyx race who have begun to seek shelter among their brethren. They are the most common of the three races, and they lead they fight against the humans who attacked and enslaved their brothers. They are excellent tacticians and weapons experts, with an abnormally heightened sense of hearing and sight, even for their own kind. Only a few have the ability to manipulate earth. They are mostly a class of skilled warriors.

The Circa have created a kingdom for themselves on a large island off the mainland where the Ferals make their home. In the center of the island is a large, medieval type castle with many windows. This is where the royalty of the bird races live, including the last remaining Prince and Princess of the Regals.

The Circa have darkly tanned skin and well-built features. Where the Regals are dainty and delicate, the Circa maintain a powerful physique. Their hair color ranges in different hues of brown, and they have either green or blue eyes.

The Circa are proud, and hate Ferals more than the rest of their brothers. They are even mistrusting of the few Ferals who choose to help the bird races.

Ferals - Ferals are humans who have become almost animal-like. They look like your average human, the only difference being their eyes. They are slit and catlike, ranging from bright orange to pale green. They rest of their appearance is as varied as humans are now. They have heightened agility and sense of smell, but are unable to manipulate the elements as most of the bird races.

The Ferals live in cities and towns spanning the solid mass of land known as the mainland. Most are harsh and hard, but it is possible to find a caring Feral among the thousands of uncaring ones.

They are made up of three classes: The Military, the slaves, and the rebellion. The former two live in the cities and towns in the middle of the mainland, and the latter live in small villages on the outskirts, mainly near the ocean. The rebels live as secretly as the can, for fear of angering the Military. They are sympathetic to the bird races, and even try to help where they can. It is not easy, however, as the bird races are slow to trust.


Normal rules apply. Please be literate. I expect at minimum two to three good paragraphs per post. I intend for this to be a long-term RP, so please keep that in mind before joining. This is a Mature RP so violence and romance are fine, but obviously, don't take it too far. We should all know what too far is, we have rules on this site.

The main storyline will be following the Prince's group.


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Character Portrait: Prince Ember The young prince of a nearly extinct race seeking justice
Character Portrait: Fatima Keet
Fatima Keet played by DEEReye
Body smuggler. Water bird. Throat cutter. Nyx.
Character Portrait: Armina Akshey A Regal noble, raised as a Circa, whom is extremely nimble and agile, but still boasts surprising strength for her appearance.
Character Portrait: Leo Saren A mysterious Feral who seems to have a past with the Prince
Character Portrait: Kateri Deless
Kateri Deless played by Koriel
Feral leader of the Rebellion. She's fought hard for her position, and doesn't take crap from anyone.

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The Circan King sat on his throne in a dimly lit room. His massive tawny brown wings were curled limply, halfway around his body, and his head was resting in his hands. The burly man sat in a hunched potion, quietly contemplating the darkness. His usually vivacious eyes were limpid and lifeless, and he made no movement as another figure shifted, almost supernaturally out of the darkness.

“What dark secret plagues your mind on today of all days, Good King?”

“Do you mock me, Saren?” the King replied in a half interested tone.

“Of course not. I live to serve,” Saren replied, his mass of dark hair almost covering his smoldering orange eyes -- eyes that stood out in the dim light like a burning hot coal.

“Why are you here?” the King asked, his patience growing thin.

“I assume that you have lived up to our little agreement?”

“I gave the Prince the news this morning. His, or should I say your little group has been selected and will leave Circa Island within the week. Of course he was delighted.”

“ . . . good. And you told him nothing about me?”

“Of course not. The boy wouldn’t remember even if I did.”

“Fine. Then consider my side of the bargain covered. I will tell no one your . . . secret.”

The King sighed as Saren left the room as if he had never been there. He wondered to himself just how trustworthy this mysterious Feral actually was.


Ember walked out of the King’s chambers feeling more elated than he had in a long time. The day had finally arrived when he would be embarking on a journey to avenge his people, and perhaps to save the last of the struggling bird races. He knew that the war was not going well. Ferals outnumbered them, period. And though the Circa were excellent warriors, and the Nyx who were willing to help were incredible mages, more and more were dying in the bloody battles. Ember had convinced himself that if the remaining Regals could reconnect with their past, they would have a future, and they could help end the war once and for all.

And so, he decided to be the one Regal who would do what the others could not. He used his pull with the Circan King to set up a small army of soldiers: Circa, Nyx, and even a few Ferals, and this army was going to change the tides of the war. Or, at least, this was Ember’s hope.

His first and foremost goal was to find a Regal who remembered the old ways, so that the remaining Regal might have something to offer: the power to manipulate light. A power that had long ago been relinquished for the ways of peace. But look where that peace had brought the Regal. It had brought them a massive slaughter, wiping out more than half of their numbers. Ember was now convinced that giving up that power was a mistake that cost many Regal their lives. If they could have fought back, perhaps the loss would have been minimal.

He wanted to make up for this error. He wanted to seek justice for his fallen people. He wanted to help those left who needed it. This was his goal, and the reason his fateful journey started. Of course, he didn’t realize any of this until later in his life. He had no idea how life-altering his journey would be as he waited to meet the various people who would share it -- all with their own wounds, their own goals, and their own things to search for.

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