When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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Setting: The Real World2012-02-26 20:48:38, as written by Esana
Sari grinned at Kai as he spoke. "Good guess. But actually, we named the bunny after Monmon, here." She tilted her head against Anemone's for a moment and then turned her attention to Dr. Helix.

Interesting...nano-cells? Sari thought. Her eyes flickered to Lilian as she spoke, and she couldn't help smiling at the woman's rather harsh tones. To her, they sounded playful - and it would be fun to play with this woman, she knew.

She watched, intrigued as Dr. Helix suited Ava and Dante up in armor that looked like it combined both science fiction and historical legends about knights. It was quite lovely, Sari had to admit. She was mildly alarmed as the armor tightened, but as it didn't seem to do harm, she decided that it was probably alright. Still, there was something about the armor that unnerved her. She glanced at Anemone. Her sister was scared of tight spaces, and while armor technically wasn't a space...

I'll just keep an eye out, Sari thought. She knew very well that the place she was about to go into was very dangerous - and she wasn't a fighter. Neither was Anemone. And worst of all, Anemone wasn't even as good of a runner as Sari was. But she would never abandon her sister. Never. Not even in death.

As Lilian's voice began to pulsate through her mind, Sari at first flinched, but then calmed down, letting her customary smile return to her face. She listened absently to the lecture, absorbing it, but not really paying all that much attention to what was actually being said. She watched Kai get suited up, then Zeren and finally Alberto.

He waved before he left, saying, in that cute little accent of his [b]"I vill see you on ze ozer side, zen. Au revoir!"

After a dainty little wave, Sari slipped herself away from Anemone and walked up to Dr. Helix. "I'll go next, please."

Quickly, she dropped the outer layers and suited up in an armor almost exactly like Ava's, only her orbs had a faint purple tint to them. She tensed for a moment, then relaxed as the armor adjusted itself around her like another skin - a very interestingly colored other skin, but another skin nevertheless.

Next, she rummaged through the box of equipment, ignoring the strange words, some using letters that she knew, some not - she had seen Alberto take a gun, and she definitely wanted one herself. Finally, she found pistols to suit her need and weight and clipped them onto her belt. She wasn't the most amazing shot in the world, but she could shoot, and in a world where she was likely to die, that would be a good thing to have.

With a small smile back at her sister, Sari walked into 'the room' and closed her eyes. She blanked out her entire mind as she was compressed and then broken into millions of pieces. It wasn't painful, but it gave her a sensation that she was nothing - she had no being - she didn't deserve to exist. It wasn't painful - not physically at least. But mentally - Sari couldn't think enough to consider the issue -

It was like being crushed.