When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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And then she was kneeling on grass - blue grass. She had fallen into a very limp position, sitting on her feet, her eyes wide, her arms barely keeping her from doing a faceplant on the ground, her mind spinning in circles that kept her from keeping a thought going very long.

Sari took a shuddering breath, resisting the urge to vomit and then slowly looked up.

She could see Alberto. Alberto and Ava and Dante. Zeren, as well, close to them. And Kai. They were all there - and they all looked much more composed than she did.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Sari went through a very quick series of breathing exercises geared at calming her mind down before she exploded. Since she was an expert, she managed the task in less than ten seconds, the nausea fading fast enough that she could look up and get to her feet as if nothing at all was wrong with her. Of course, nothing is wrong, Sari thought, pushing away the emotions that had been rumbling inside of her when she'd been being decomposed and recomposed. Nothing is wrong. That moment is past. And so - it doesn't matter.

Collecting herself, she skipped over to the rest of the group, stopping just short of Alberto and giving a bow/curtsy before lifting her head to grin cheerfully at him. She also let her eyes skip over to Kai and gave him a grin as well before lifting herself to her full height again. "That was interesting ~" She said lightly. "Are we going to begin soon? Monmon should be right behind me."