When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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Anemone smiled slightly at Lillian’s snarky comments. The girl obviously never worked with anyone that majorly lacked any sort of temper control. Anemone looked over at her sister, who had a familiar glint in her eyes. She watched as the doctor injected Dante with the fluid, making a mental notes about the scars on his arm and hoping that the syringe wouldn’t leave such a mark on her arm. Anemone did not like being scarred. The burn scar on her right arm left her rolling around on her bed for a week or so, overwhelmed by severe depression. She planned on making it into a part of a tattoo or something later.

She winced slightly as the syringe was stuck into her arm and held her breath until it was over. Afterwards, she looked up to see Dante and Ava changing into armor, frowning slightly as she assessed her own clothing.

Somehow, she’d have to get the armor over her dress and, preferably, look good doing it.

Oh well, just another challenge for her greatness. Anemone jumped slightly as her thoughts were interrupted by Lillian’s speech. Great, now the boring rants were in her head, too. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes – even if she wasn’t attentive, she liked to be respectful – and looked back at the chamber where Dante and Ava were waiting to be transmitted to the digital world.

She blinked slightly as she watched them dissipate, wondering if the procedure was painful. After that, she decided to delay a bit on volunteering so that she could figure out how to armor herself up properly. Really. She was a driver. Did she even need armor?

When it was finally her turn, she rid herself of her jacket, which figured that she wouldn’t miss too much because she had tons of the same type and color, and stepped into the chamber, trying her best to ignore her claustrophobia. Once she suited herself in armor that would match her sister’s and grabbed a gun with tranquilizer darts, she gingerly touched the orb.

I must look like a moron…

She closed her eyes as she went through the dissipation process, enjoying the feeling of being as light as air. It was, surprisingly, not painful, just a bit strange. She didn’t have too much time to enjoy it, however, as she soon lost consciousness.