When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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Anemone woke slowly, closing her eyes right after she opened them. She had always been slow to get up in the mornings. Instead of sitting up and looking for her comrades, she decided to roll over onto her stomach, yawning and trying to think herself back to sleep.

It took her a moment to remember all that had happened just a few minutes – or has it been longer? – ago. She must look terrible. Oh well, she didn’t actually care. She was probably going to break her perfect image eventually, anyways. She took a deep breath, reflecting on the day’s events. What were the chances Dante would be interested in her, too? At the thought of his name, Anemone couldn’t help but smile again.

“ – right behind me.” Oh, was that Sari? Well, she should probably indicate that she was there somehow. She opened her eye a crack and waved one arm around, realizing that the grass changed color when she touched it.

“I’m over here. Just…give me a few more minutes…” She trailed off, closing her eyes again and trying to return to that warm state of unconsciousness she was in just a few moments before. "I love you, Sari~"