When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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Digital Outer World: Nyxx
Year 5, 8:19 A.M.

Ava remained still and completely silent as the rest of their squad began making their way towards them, she would occasionally turn her head slightly left and right. Dante looked over to Kai and said, "We weren't going to leave you, just search for you in a general direction and hello Alberto," Dante ended by looking over to Alberto which was now at his side.

"Sorry for the rough landing, we haven't perfected that yet, but knowing that everyone is alright I can now inform you of your first task," Dr. Helix's voice resonated within their heads as he spoke, "If you're in need of anything Lilian will be able to enter coding into the system to create or destroy whatever you want but this is limited so anything that will jeopardize the mission or give away your position she will not allow. Now that aside, your first task is to reach the border of this Digital Outer World in order for Lilian to create the bridge. And don't underestimate this system these worlds can be larger than the Earth and this particular one is about the same size of the earth, also don't take to long to reach the border because it is constantly expanding."

"In that case Lilian could you give me AL Assault Rifle," Dante mentally projected to Lilian resulting in small pixel-like shapes appearing around his right hand as he walked towards Anemone and form into an AL Rifle. When he reached her he shook his head as he watched her practically sleep in the middle of a jungle without a second thought, "Hey, wake up Monmon we are-" he was saying as he he poked her with his rifle but was interrupted by a loud growl.

The growl came form the large feline beast that pounced attempting to claim Dante or Anemone as its prize. Two things happened at the same time, upon sight of the large beast Dante crouched down snatching Anemone in his arms and quickly turning his back to the creature denying it access to her while Ava locked on the creature just before it pounced and made her way to Dante and Anemone, quickly drawing her sword she used it to slash into the torso of the creature causing and using the strength boost the suit gave her she was able to stop it in its track. The sword was only able to sink inches in the tough hide of the completely black hide; taking this opportunity Dante dropped Anemone on the ground and aimed his rile at the creatures head before unleashing a volley of thin powerful laser beams into the face of the creature. Unaccustomed to the attack the creature jumped away from them and began to circle the squad its black fur raising up into spikes that slowly turned red. Barring its fangs it revealed its red fangs that seemed to steam.

"Someone wake her please," Dante said as he focused on the creature aiming his rifle at it awaiting for it to attack, "I thought you said this was unaffected by the virus Doc," Dante mentally projected out to everyone as he observed the little penetration the rounds he unleashed.

"That is not an affected file, just because the virus is not on this world doesn't mean there is no threat. Each world has its types of creatures some lethal and others not to worry about. That you will have to decide how to deal with it," The Doc answered.

"Thanks Doc..." Dante mumbled.