When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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Glancing behind him, his smile widened (to be polite) at the other lady, "Bonjour, Sari."

He watched as Dante went to awaken the almost-sleeping beaut in the middle of the grass, his smile turning into a bemused smirk. What an odd woman, to fall asleep while aware of danger. 'Is truly a gret example o' bein' completely cautious o' ze surroundin's, no?' he pondered, his facial expression calming down slightly.

Just as he was about to relax himself just slightly, a growl interrupted everybody. His body tensed and he froze, eyes darting around to look for the sound. Even if he was aware of the danger, his hands did not move, fingertips just barely grazing his guns. His breath hitched in his throat. This was not good - he had to do something.

It was painful to watch the two fighters dodge and attack the feline, all while protecting the sleeping maiden. Finally calmed down, even by the slightest, he whipped his golden Desert Eagle out and held it at the ready. It would do no good to die so early on in the mission, mmm? Carefully, he edged his way over towards Monmon, leaning down while watching the best, and shuffling her into his arms so she was being carried bridal style.

"Silly femme, 'ow do you sleep in zis situacion?" he let out a low chuckle before getting back up and quickly jumping back to the rest of the team. Glancing at Kai, who seemed to be the most useless in an offensive situation, he carefully deposited the girl by his feet. "Kai, vill you watch oveh zis silly maiden fo' now?" he asked, not really giving much of an option before he pulled out the other gun he picked up and was holding both guns in either hand, aiming at the beast.

First, it was time to test the beast's capabilities.

Pointing the Desert Eagle in his left hand at the paws of the beast, he quickly released two bullets at the two forelegs of the beast. He held his ground as the recoil vibrated up his arm, his teeth clenching for a split second as he stayed firm, before he prepared himself for another shot in case the beast reacted.