When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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The Australian gave the tracker a polite grin of his own. “That was interesting ~” She had said. And it sure was. Kai actually wondered if they were, really here. Or if they were just virtual projections, and the lot of them were quietly sleeping in that room they all entered. Nonetheless, 'twas a fun experience, being pulled cell for cell, and then re-build into a digital system.

“I'd be able ta get used ta transportin' this way.” The technician smirked, making his way to the majority of the group as he gave a simple salute to Dante's remark. “Ye be ta boss.” 'Twas just that they'd appeared to be in a hurry, which was a logical reason.

Ah, they were all here. Safe and sound, so to speak. At least, that would've been the case, had a gigantic cat not arrived to spoil all the joys of the group in a split second. “Bloody-” Kai stopped, backing away from the creature in case it was planning on attacking him.

That was not the case however, it had other plans. Lucky enough, Monmon was saved by Dante. Argh! Kai was most useless in situations like these, either he'd be temporary moral support, or he'd just be in the way. Fighting wasn't his best trait. In fact, it wasn't one of his traits at all. Everyone else was trying their best to be helpful...

Dante and Ava, fended off the creature from anyone defenceless, and Frenchie was trying to have a go at it as well. Not before placing the driver in the technician's care. “Kai, vill you watch oveh zis silly maiden fo' now?” The man asked, though he did not listen to Kai's ranting of 'I'll be 'er meat shield in'case ta beast be attackin' again.'

“Oi, Monmon. This be a bad moment ta be sleepin' ya know?” Kai gently shook the driver's shoulder, attempting to get some attention. “Rise 'n shine, Love. Unless ye wan' me ta throw a bucket o' water on yer face...”