When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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Anemone opened one eye as she felt herself being poked by something that definitely wasn’t human. Okay, so the person holding whatever it was could probably be human, but the thing that was making contact with her would probably leave some sort of stain on her clothes.

Oh, wait. Armor. Okay, she didn’t really care anymore. Anemone yawned, about to roll over again, when she felt herself being picked up in someone’s arms and then dumped unceremoniously on the ground once again. Well, that was definitely enough to keep her from going back to sleep again. She swore she could have heard something growl, but it was probably just an innocent animal being territorial. If it thought she was dead, then there wouldn’t be a problem, right? It was unfortunate that her teammates didn’t share the same opinion. They were really making a commotion, something sounded like gunshots.

”Unless ye wan’ me ta throw a bucket o’ water on yer face.” At that, Anemone decided it was a good time to get up. She hadn't actually fallen asleep, after all - she couldn't possibly fall asleep so quickly on the ground. She shot up into a sitting position, driving her head straight into that of the man hovering above her.

“Oww,” she moaned and rubbed her head, blinking her eyes drearily and trying to recognize the person near her. “Oh, Kai. Sorry, dear.” She patted him on the head before leaning over and looking past him to see the poor creature being assaulted by all of her teammates. “Aww, it’s cute. Poor dear. Don’t you guys have a tranquilizing dart or something? I mean, considering all of those stupid weapons back there…”

Anemone silently hoped that Dr. Helix and Lillian heard that.

“Oh, well, all that aside, thanks for guarding me with your life~” Anemone said cheerily and reached over to give Kai a hug, resting her head on his shoulders for a second. Once she was done, she stood up and looked over at the cat. “Now, now, what shall we do?” She looked around, spotting the gun she had picked up. “Oh, snap. I guess they did have tranquilizer darts. I happened to grab some, too. Silly me.” She observed the weapon for a moment, “Kai dear, do you happen to be any better at shooting than me?” She smiled, not waiting for an answer, “Well, here goes nothing.”

With that, she aimed at the creature, closed one eye, and shot.