When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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Sari smiled at Alberto and then glanced back at her sister, rolling her eyes. "Love you, too, Monmon." She considered trying to wake her sister up, but Dante was already attending the the cause - and besides, Anemone would probably prefer being waken up by -

With a growl that seemed like it shook the ground, an enormous creature leapt from the cover of deeper grass. It was large - the size of a lion at least - and had fur that was dull and black, but at the same time, beautiful in a deadly kind of way. Unfortunately, Sari didn't have any time to consider the fur as the creature threw itself straight at Anemone.

Her eyes widened - and that was all she had time for.

Dante scooped her up and darted away, and there was an almost painful feeling of relief in Sari's chest. It didn't last long, but it gave her time to recover. She followed Dante from a distance, tracing his movements until Alberto and then Kai took care of her. She breathed a sigh of relief and started to move towards them, keeping a cold eye out on the feline.

They had just entered the digital world, and already, her sister had almost been killed. Even that thought couldn't keep Sari from smiling slightly at Anemone's actions towards Kai - she probably didn't even realize that they were flirty - Anemone had that trait, though Sari wasn't quite sure when she had picked it up. She stepped out of the way as Anemone aimed and shot. In the corner of her eye, she thought absently, Shooting with one eye closed. Monmon, you should know better than that.

Then she'd reached Anemone's side. Sari hugged her sister, closing her eyes and breathing in her scent for the briefest moment, taking heart in the fact that she was unharmed. When the moment was up, she untangled herself, told Anemone, "Seriously? A tranquilizer? After all those real bullets? I'm not sure how useful that's going to be." She looked over at the feline as she spoke, scouting out its distance.

It had skipped away from Alberto's shots, but it was obviously unnerved - one of Zeren's had caught it on a shoulder, and it had started to roar, a deep, throaty sound that once again make the earth feel like it was about to start rumbling. Anemone's shot had barely grazed its side - not enough to break the skin or send in the tranquilizer. Still, it hadn't sustained any real damage as of yet. Given the stance that it was holding, Sari wasn't sure if it would sustain any damage. It looked like it had had enough for the moment, and - after a moment of posing - it turned tail and quickly disappeared into the digital world.

For a moment, Sari just watched it go, but quickly, she turned back to her teammates, getting to her feet. "I think..." She said, her voice unusually serious. "I think we should get pairings." She looked at Dante, her eyes dark. "Not all of us fight - or at least, that well, and this is a dangerous place. I think that all of us should have one good fighter - or decent fighter - with us at all times, and those two can work together to protect each other. In combat situations, it's better to split up, too," She added. "There's a better chance of survival."