When does a gaming system become reality? When you physically enter it? When you cannot escape the world? Or when war is declared upon the system itself?

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Both the surprise of the driver suddenly shooting in a sitting position, and the fact that Kai was a bit too focused on the whole creature versus team thing. The head-butt of Anemone was enough to make the technician fall back, reaching for his forehead as he landed butt-first on the ground.

“Oww... If that be how ya greet everyone, ya don' have ta greet me any more...” He said, rubbing his head as if he had just been hit with a hammer.

“Oh, Kai. Sorry, dear.”

The driver said as she patted the technician on his head. “Aye. Ya better be, nearly broke me skull there, Monmon.” Although that was a bit exaggerated, 'twasn't that much of a head-butt. Kai turned his head to watch the ongoing struggle of the group and the creature. It sure was... biggish.

“Ye fin' that monster cute? Ta creature nearly ripp'd ya apart!” The technician questioningly glared at Anemone as she suggested that the beast should be tranquillized instead.

“Oh, well, all that aside, thanks for guarding me with your life~”

The female driver said, as she reached over to Kai to give the him a thanking hug. “Aye, Aye. A-ain't a probl'm fer me.” He retorted hesitantly, his cheeks slightly turning red form the split-second hug.

Well, after that... event. Kai tried to just stay safe for the time being. He ain't a fighter, and he wasn't going to attempt brawling with that creature.

“Try not ta injure yer-” Anemone had already picked up a tranquillizer gun, and attempted to shoot the cat-like creature. It had barely scraped the beast's side, and the others weren't doing too well. Nonetheless, luck was on their side and the creature turned tail and ran from the group. “Bloody hell. Why'd he be attackin' in ta first place.”

Kai did not understand animals, real or not. At least A.Is and computers tend to be consistent with their actions. Obviously, they can only do what they were programmed to to...

Anyway, they had fought off the threat, for now...

The technician listened in as Sari suggested the group should have people pair up. A decent enough plan. And logical, since there were not that many with the ability to fight. “I'll be secondin' yer plan.” He announced, raising his hand as if he was asked to vote for something. “What pairings ya suggest?” Kai rose up from the ground, dusting another set of dirt and grass from his jeans as he occasionally glared at each an every member of the group.

'All be unscathed fer now. I'll wager that won' be lastin' fer long.'