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Cacophony of Shadows

Cacophony of Shadows

The year is 2020, and all around the world, in major cities, a great and terrifying castle has appeared, displacing reality around to accommodate its existence, casting a shadow over the world, an ill omen for what is to come.

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Topics: creatures, fantasy, fighting, heroes, magic, modern fantasy, monsters, original, paranormal, and supernatural (Add Tags »)
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Reports circulate around the world, castles appearing mysteriously from seeming thin air across several cities, heralded in by strange and violent weather shifts. Populations across the world erupt in panic, as the space around the castle is displaced, pushing everything violently outwards. Fear turns to confusion as the ominous structure looms over everything, seemingly the same castle, everywhere it appeared. No explanation can be ascertained.

Then the worst of it happened, the gates burst open, and a dense gray fog flooded the streets, consuming the cities, and from the mist, creatures of different shapes began to descend upon the populous, stirring murderous chaos amongst them.

Ancient orders across the world, recognizing the severity of the threat had sent various agents to contain the threat, to push back the forces of evil that poured out from the fortresses, and to regain order. This has been a losing battle. With little choice, they now are forced to recruit as many fresh talents as possible to strengthen their numbers, something they have not had to do in ages.

A group of veterans together, dressed in different kinds of armor, armed with different kinds of weapons, but all having that weathered look only acquired from experience.

"Bizarre, it seems there isn't actually multiple castles, just this one peaking in from multiple... ugh... projections," a man dressed in a wringled overcoat with glasses spoke, looking somewhat haggard, his present stubble and hastily combed hair showing he put being here over personal upkeep. His eyes obscured behind the glare of his thick glasses.

"Whatever, I want to get on with this, I'm damn stiff from waiting!" a large bearded fellow wielding an axe responds. He was a tall, sturdy, dressed in more conventional armor, with some modern upgrades to it to make it strong yet flexible. The axes he wielded were equally enhanced, refined in design for the most lethal impact and cut, spiked on the other side for extra measure against armor. His face sported scars, and his beard and hair were dark brown. "Where's the fresh meat damn it!?"

"Oh calm yourself, Hamza, all good things and all that come with patience," a man speaks with a clearly English accent, keeping a rather calm demeanor as he leans against one of the gate posts, sipping something from a flask that he seemingly materializes out of teal fire. He was a younger, more well-dressed gentleman, black hair, brilliant blue eyes, dressed in a fancy red coat, a black tie and white dress-shirt under a brown vest, and gray pants. He had a quality to him like he was a teacher. "It isn't healthy to be so on edge all the time, after all. Why, I'd say that has caused you more gray hairs than anything else." He laughed, only to to have his collar grabbed by the beastly man and is brought close to his face.

"Keep laughing, you damn clown, but remember that by the end of this, it is who draws the most blood, and I'm really good at that! No pulling rabbits out of your hat gonna save your sorry ass in there!" Hamza roared before tossing the young man back and turning away to sharpen his axe. The magician simply waves his hand in front of his wrinkled nose and began to fix the wrinkles in his suit.

"I... really hope you two don't act like that in front of the newblood," the bespectacled detective-looking man grumbled. He then looked at his wrist to check his watch.


1. This is a modern fantasy RP, taking place within a massive castle. While it is modern, modern awareness and equipment may become available, but in favor of balance, advanced weapons will be severely limited in the plot. Being a self-contained dimension, the rules within are different. This keeps players from getting an edge over and stealing the show with advanced gunplay and explosives. What is allowed is various crude weapons, such as bows, swords, etc, with mild enchantment if necessary.

2. Being human isn't necessary, but try to make it interesting if you choose a non-human species, and try not to be too big. I may consider monster players, but for obvious reasons, I'm a bit hesitant at the start.

3. Magic exists but cannot be a win-all be-all. Keep it reasonable, no one-hit-kill magic please.

4. Remember, nothing is perfect, everything has faults, and as such a characters also have weaknesses and limits. You can't be the ultimate chosen one.

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[b]Height & Weight:[/b]
[b]Additional Details:[/b]
[b]Flaws: [/b]
[b]Brief History:[/b]

5. Investment, be sure other engagements allow you to set aside some time each week or two to make posts. Posts don't have to be heavy, but reasonable length, around maybe 800-1000 characters at the least (which isn't a lot, mind you, heaven forbid I said "words" LOL).

6. General rules apply, have fun and get along with others, don't take OOC disputes IC.

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Character Portrait: Judith Frost
Judith Frost played by sifsand
"I serve no evil and obey no demon."
Character Portrait: Alice
Alice played by Sepokku
"Welcome to the wonderful, fantastic Circus from Hell!"
Character Portrait: Hamza Ziyad A modern day axe flinging barbarian. Lucky for us, he tends to carve up beasts, rather than people.
Character Portrait: Jack Draven Like a twisted film noir, he is a detective of the occult, and long accustomed to gazing into the abyss.
Character Portrait: Ignatious "Iggy" Thom A practictioner of the arcane, a teacher of the literary arts, wrote his own biography.
Character Portrait: "Horus"
"Horus" played by Dragon
Specialist from a very 'Illu'-sive group. Talks too little or too much.

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