CamelotAmice Wood

A sneaky gypsy

a character in “Camelot”, as played by RiotTerritory

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First Name: Amice

Last Name: Wood

Nickname: Ami


Age: 19

Birthday: June 19th

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Single




Personality: Though her past has made her forceful and a bit bitter at times, Ami is still good at heart. She hates to see anyone get hurt unless it is someone that has been hurting her or someone close to her. She is very charming and persuasive which is why she is a good gypsy. She can manipulate people out of their money. However, if they do not willingly give up their money, she can use her thievery skills to get their money in a different way. She is hated by the authorities, though she is very good at finding ways to sneak around them. She has a lot of trust issues, but once all the walls are broken down and you are a part of Ami's trust circle, it is hard for her to say no.

Likes: Colors, the sky, romance, jewelry, gold, money

Dislikes: Dull things, being poor, the authorities

Hobbies: Dancing, playing many instruments

Skills: Manipulation, pick-pocketing,

Clothing Style: She is usually wearing her brightly colored gypsy clothing that usually exposes her stomach along with many dangling bracelets, necklaces, feathers, ect. However, when she wants to be taken seriously and actually go into the town, she wears her brown cloak that almost fully covers her attire.

Family: Mother, father, older brother, and younger sister

Brief History: Growing up, Ami's mother was a gypsy and her father worked as a traveling merchant. So, when her mother was working, Ami and her older brother, Greg, would stay home and take care of their little sister, Rose. One year, about a week after Christmas, the family was outside getting ready to bid their father farewell when Ami's mother collapsed into the snow. They quickly brought her inside and called a doctor that they couldn't afford. That day Ami began to take her mother's place and work as a gypsy. She soon found that she was a natural and took over the career. Ami's dad went back to travelling, Greg set out to work for the royal family as a gardener, and Rose stayed home to look after their mother. Ami's mother is still sick today and the three (Ami, her brother, and her father) wtill put a majority of their money toward paying for their mother's doctor.

So begins...

Amice Wood's Story

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Tahra got distracted before the girl on the horse answered, so by the time she noticed that there had been a response, the girl was already off to somewhere else. Wondering where she should wander off to next, a thought suddenly occurred to her- she could go for a ride in the forest! Turning on her heel, Tahra jogged toward the stables, smiling brightly. When she finally arrived there, she immediately spotted the girl from earlier. Grinning even bigger, Tahra approached her once again, making sure she could clearly be seen when she waved hello.

"Hello again! I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself before, I'm Tahra."

Kenshi frowned. He couldn't find Tahra anywhere and he was running out of places to look. Stopping in the middle of the square, he sighed, trying to think of places that his friend would have gone. Glancing around him, he spotted two girls that seemed to be having some difficulty with a couple of soldiers, which were dragging them towards the castle. Racing over to them, he drew his sword and stood between the castle and the guards.

"Hey! Why don't you boys pick on somebody that can actually fight?" he took a defensive stance, ready for anything.