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"Tattle tales aren't cool, you guys."

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Figure 1: Travis(left) and Mark(right)

Travis's colour and Mark's colour

Figure 2: Travis(left) and Mark(right)

"Travis and Mark Bernstein."


Ages and Birthdays:
"I'm sixteen years old, born on April first."
"Woah, me too!"
"Holy... isn't that funny?"

Twin Relationship:
"I think they're asking if we're friends..."
"Are we?"
"I guess."
Travis and Mark are not only brothers(or twins, if you want to be picky about what word is used) but best friends as well. They do nearly everything together and can even be called the other halves of each other at some points. Left and right, you could say.
Bond: Strong

Face Claims:
George and Fred Weasely fan-art. ... That's why they apparently have wands. In the first picture...
Artists are unknown, but credit goes to them!

Figure 3: Travis(left) and Mark(right)

||||Laughing||Jokes||Camp Biford||Star gazing||Dancing||The Activities||Lunch||When he gets along with the other twins||||
||||Reading||Pranks||Breakfast||Windy days||Snow||Camp Biford||The Activities||Dancing||The other twins||Sleeping||||

||||The sun||When Travis doesn't stop talking||Arguments with his brother||The colour orange||Summer||Fights||Being woken up early||Dancing||||
||||The dark||Being laughed at||Fights with his brother||When he can't see the stars||The colour green||Failure||||

"Oh, we're not too bad. Are we, Mark?"
"Not too bad? I'd say not at all!"

||||Interrupting people when they're speaking||Thinking aloud||Tapping his fingers||Fidgeting||||
||||Thinking aloud||Repeating what other people say||Nervous mumbling||Tapping his fingers||||

While the two are similar in multiple ways, their personalities are where things between them are divided. While they quite noticeably share obvious traits with each other, Travis and Mark are very different people and aren't as in sync as most may assume.

Travis is the more outgoing one of the pair. He takes risks and shrugs off scoldings, and he tends to be the better known of the two because of this. His intelligence isn't as high as his brothers, but the boy is smart in his own way and is remarkably more skilled at different things. His talents just lie in a different category, is what's trying to be explained. He's a bit of a back-talker and tends to forget what the differences from goof's and idiots are, and occasionally Travis will find that his big mouth will get him in to trouble. He has a bit too much of a sense of humor, often going overboard with what he finds
'funny', but overall his meanings are well and his spirit has a good nature.

Mark is like his brother in more ways than one. They both struggle with following directions properly, tend to ruin everything they try, and are both equally annoying to some of the campers. Mark, at least, is proud when the others figure out that he and Travis do have their differences.
For example, Mark actually enjoys reading. Even if the pages are filled with facts and not fiction, the boy finds himself absorbed in every little bit of information he can find. He's a learner, and he takes his interests very seriously.
Almost everyone states the duo as Travis and Mark instead of Mark and Travis, which sometimes leads Mark to feel like his brother gets the majority of recognition and he's stuck as the sidekick. Being the quieter of the two, Mark is happy that he's noticeably better at his brother when it comes to intelligence.

"What's so interesting about this part?"
"I dunno.
"Should we answer it?"
"I think we should."
"Completely ignore me, okay."

Travis and Mark have lived in the camp since... ever. It's everything they know. Whatever life they were supposed to be in, the boys never got a chance to remember it and therefore Camp Biford is the only place they can truly imagine. It's been their home since they were tiny little children, what else could you expect?
With that said, the twins have grown up with each other by their sides. Travis was always voice and strength of the two, and Mark was the brains and reason. They functioned like a team, cooperated like they were one person, and looked out for each other because for a long time, they were the only people they had.
As the brothers grew older, Travis's personality sparked up and Mark seemed to be comfortable staying in his shadow. Travis was the one who made them friends, Travis was the one who avoided trouble, Travis was the one who got interested in sports, Travis was the one who made people laugh. Travis this, Travis that. Mark? Mark was Travis's twin. There was nothing even remotely special about him.
For awhile, the bond between them broke. Whenever Mark tried to do something, he was compared to his brother. He could be good at one thing, but Travis would always be better. He began to hate being his brother's shadow, he hated when people had to ask what his name was because they couldn't remember, he hated everything about having a twin because one always got more recognition.
Mark became resentful. He stopped talking to Travis, he didn't acknowledge him when he tried to talk, he didn't accept any form of apology that his brother attempted to give. Eventually Travis gave up trying to fix what had happened, and for a year after he stopped apologizing the two went completely on their separate ways.

During that time, though, Travis began to fall apart. Yes, he could be good at Thing One and Thing Two, and yes he could be friends person A, B, and C, and even though he could be bright eyes and smiles for one portion of the day, he couldn't be like that for the rest of it.
Travis, without his brother, crumpled. It wasn't a slow fall, either. Almost immediately after Mark decided they should be their own people, whatever Travis had once been seemed to vanish into complete nothing.
While Travis's fell, Mark's story took a huge step forward. He, without the support of his brother, gained confidence. He became his own voice, he found his own strength, he realized that he didn't need to rely on other people to make decisions for him. He was free of the shadow that he had been living in, and he had been happy.
But too much confidence can lead to arrogance, and soon enough Mark came plummeting down as well.
Travis had lost Mark, who had been the support for his success, and Mark had lost Travis, who had been his support as well. They worked better together, but the reason why it failed the first time was because the balance wasn't even.
Travis had been given too much success, and Mark had been given too little support.

When they realized that they did, in fact, need each other, the apology had been almost immediate. Travis made an extra effort to include Mark in the activities he did, and Mark ventured out to find different things he was good at. With the bitterness, arrogance, and jealousy gone, the two could actually be brothers instead of rivals again, and the bond between them was mended.

So begins...

Travis & Mark Bernstein's Story


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#, as written by Lorawr

The tiles in Dr. Barns' bathroom were brilliant white, and the light was almost harsh in the small room. The floors were white and cold beneath the man's bare feet, and the tiled walls shined spotlessly. In the mirror, his face held no expression. It rarely did; his intricate thoughts hidden beneath his steely glaze. The only sound other than his breathing was the rushing of the water in the sink as he washed his hands. Today, he was expecting the arrival of another set of twins. Two boys, by the reports. In the mirror, Dr. Barns' upper lip curled in disgust. Two little teenage boys. They were always the worst. Boys were disobedient, chaotic, loud creatures that ignored rules. But he needed them, just as he needed the others. Dr. Barns rose a hand and ran it through his thinning black hair, making it stand up on end. A small, emotionless smile twitched at the corners of his mouth as he regarded himself in the immaculate mirror, amusing himself with the appearance of his hair on end. He looked younger like this, much younger, and carefree. It was an image so unlike his actual personality it made him appear as an almost entirely different man.

Bored quickly with his appearance, Dr. Barns dropped a few strands of dislodged hair in the bin, and then washed his hands again before drying them on the soft, warm towel by the door. He could feel the day starting, and estimated the time to be around six thirty, and just as he thought it, the ringing of the morning alarm resonated through the still air. Six-thirty exactly. Crossing over to his wardrobe, Dr. Barns selected one of his many crisp white shirts, and walked to the window as he shrugged it on, and then carefully buttoned it up. Outside, the day was dawning darkly. Beyond the fencing of the camp, the forest loomed wickedly on the horizon that was blanketed with a fresh fall of snow. Dr. Barns hated the stuff, and turned his gaze upon a manual laborer who was busy sweeping paths into the knee high drifts. Lights appeared in the Blocks of the children as they were awoken by the staff and the bell, and at this point, Dr. Barns turned aside. He had no desire whatsoever to witness the waking of the children. However, just as he turned away, a light in the distance caught his eye. It flashed orange three times as the gates of the camp slid open, admitting a heavy black car. Dr. Barns nodded to himself. Everything was running to schedule, and the car heralded the arrival of their new camp member.

Having buttoned up his shirt, Dr. Barns selected a moody blue tie from the rack, which he tied tightly around his throat. He added a suit jacket to his ensemble, and then went back into his bathroom where he studied his appearance once more in the mirror. He looked smart, and professional, and after he pulled a comb through his hair so that not a strand was out of place, he looked immaculate, as he did every day. He put the comb back in it's place in the cupboard, and then washed his hands again. He had big plans for today. Overnight, he'd left an experiment ticking over, and he was eager to return to it. He had taken a set of twins, a boy and a girl, and separated them. Each had slept in a different room, and while one was made comfortable and warm, the other was put in a room no bigger than a closet with only a few rats to keep her company. Periodically during the night, she had been taken out by one of his scientists, and an irritant was applied to the back of her right hand. Dr. Barns was looking forward to seeing the state of the two children this morning, and seeing if the male had felt the discomfort of his sister.

A genuine smile formed on his lips as he turned and gathered up his briefcase. First, he would attend Roll Call, to check on the new arrival, and then he would make his way to Block Seventeen as usual. Dr. Barns turned from his room then, and left his Block. He had one to himself, and it was the more comfortable of all the Blocks in the camp. It was placed nearby the large courtyard where all the children congregated each morning in front of a raised platform where one of the senior staff members would call their name.

Outside, he made his way quickly over to that stage. It wasn't a long walk, but the morning was chilly and slightly uncomfortable. Dr. Barns scowled a little, not paying attention to the staff that he passed as they abruptly straightened up and saluted or bowed. It was a sign of respect that he paid no attention to, and yet he demanded it at the same time. As he approached the platform, one of the senior nannies as he liked to call them, was stood waiting for the children to arrive. The harsh looking woman had a long, hooked nose, and eyes of a cruel and icy blue. Her steel grey hair was put up in a bun out of the way, and the style was flawless. She was a woman that Dr. Barns knew well, as she was the one in charge of managing the Twins Accommodation Blocks. As Dr. Barns approached, she turned to look at him and nodded slowly in a gesture that was almost a bow of respect. She knew better than to speak to him though, and Dr. Barns simply nodded in reply before moving to stand at the back in his usual spot to watch his subjects straggle into their places.


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Travis and Mark Bernstein

It was another typical day in Camp, just as it was the day before and the one before that. Was there any new news? No. Of course not. Nothing new ever happened, it seemed.
...Unless someone intentionally caused it to happen. But even then, the same tricks began to get boring and soon enough they were predictable. Oh, 'Insert Name Here' did 'Insert Whatever Thing He/She Did Here' again? Huh! They did that last time, too!
Options were running low, and one can only throw soccer balls at someones head before it began to lose it's fun. Of course, no one really threw soccer balls at the other campers... That'd would probably result in some sort of punishment.

"My head still hurts." The first one stated, rubbing the back of his neck as he walked. Turns out a game of Throw Whatever You Can At That Guy! wasn't as thrilling as it sounded.
"You poor thing." The second one replied, not sounding like he gave much interest.
The first one frowned, "You're not even going to pretend that you care?"
"That would be lying."
"I said pretend, Travis. They're completely different."
Travis rolled his eyes, "Well obviously you're not as smart as you think you are, Mark, because they're the same. Now shut up, no one wants to hear you."
Mark scowled at the boy who looked nearly exactly like him. Having a twin was usually just the same as having a typical brother, but at times when Mark was upset and would look at Travis, he felt like he was just getting mad at himself. Same face, same height, same grin, same laugh... any differences? The at least had different voices.
"Oooh, somebody's mad!" Travis snickered, nudging Mark with his elbow, "What? Are your socks not matching today?"
Mark ignored the comment and focused on where he was walking. Travis was so annoying sometimes, it was as if he would dig under Mark's skin and refuse to leave when it began to itch.
'I'm stuck with you!' It would seem like he would taunt, 'Stuck with you and you can't do anything! Ha! Oh, and by the way, you've gotta appreciate me because we're related and stuff. Sucks for you, brother!'
From the corner of his eye, Mark saw Travis's shoulders fall, "I'm not like that." he said, folding his arms. This time, there was a little bit of actual emotion in his voice. He sounded hurt.
Immediately, Mark felt guilty as well.
"I know you're not."
"I'm sorry."
A few seconds of silence passed between them before Mark spoke up, "My socks are matching, by the way."


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#, as written by Lorawr
Leta and Kimmi

"Hey, Kimmi, you gotta wake up."

The insistent sound of her sister seemed as if it came from a distance, and Kimmi rolled over in bed as if she should physically escape from it. She buried her head into her pillow and groaned into it, pushing her eyes closed in an attempt to fall back asleep. Kimmi really was not a morning person. She never had been, and she was sure that she never would be. If she had her way, then she would sleep through until around midday - a luxury only allowed to her when she was sick. She had never understood why the staff at the camp insisted that everyone should be awake before the sun, and then stood around in the cold before they could eat. To her, it was a moronic and archaic tradition that was nigh on torture.

"Kimmi! Seriously, we need to leave before we're late. For Gods' sake! Why do you do this every morning?" Leta's tone had become harsh and irritated. They had the same ritual every morning. How difficult was it just to do as she was told? Every morning they had this argument, and Leta supposed it was like trying to get a child to go out. It was struggle after struggle, before they would undoubtedly have a heated argument, which would be resolved by Kimmi's lower lip trembling, and Leta going off to sulk. Well...it wasn't always like that. Leta felt bad for thinking so poorly of her sister, but she couldn't help it. She really needed to get her act together.

Leta turned and went to her sisters' dresser, where she pulled out some clothes. Leta was already dressed in some baggy pants and a jacket, with her hat concealing her short hair. That was the one major difference between the two twins - that one had ridiculously long hair, and the others' was a lot shorter. Leta knew her appearance was kind of boyish, but she didn't care. At least she was comfortable in her clothes. The jeans and shirt she threw at her sister landed on her head, and the only reply was a low groan of irritation.

"Come on!"

"Okay! Fine! I'm getting up!"

Kimmi sat up and scowled at her sister, before sighing and untangling her legs from the blanket. The other girls that they shared their Block with were already up and dressed, with some of them on their way out for Roll Call. Kimmi rolled her eyes and stood up, watching as Leta grinned at her teasingly.

"Nice bed head"

"Is it really that bad?"

Kimmi tugged off her pajamas as she went to examine the state of her hair in the mirror, and groaned with resignation. It seemed today would be a bad hair day. Her dark brown locks stuck out at all angles, and her natural curls were unruly and rebellious. She glanced at the clock on the wall as she began to change her clothes, and grimaced as she saw how little time she had left.

"Can you pass me my brush?" Kimmi asked her sister as she pulled on her socks, dressing so hurriedly that she really did look as if she had just gotten out of bed. Leta threw the hair brush over to Kimmi, who caught it without looking. It was something that she did naturally, without even thinking. The two just managed to live happily and easily side by side, even during the times that they fought. Standing, she tugged the brush through her hair in an attempt to tame the mess that sleep had created. There were dark shadows beneath her eyes, as usual, but they would lighten as the day went on. Turning to her sister who was waiting for her impatiently as she gave up with her hair, and just tied it back out of the way, she was met with a raised brow and the question.

"Are you ready yet?" The sarcasm in her tone and the irritation in her voice was just a front, and they both knew it. Really, Leta looked at her sister with something like a pang of jealousy. Even when she didn't look her best, she still looked pretty good. Leta wondered what it would be like to look as feminine or as attractive as her twin did, and sighed inwardly. She'd never be that person, and she wasn't so good at pretending to be either.

"Yep. Come on," Kimmi slipped her feet into a pair of boots and then zipped them up, before moving forwards and taking her sisters hand, "We'll be late". Kimmi pulled Leta along with her, leaving their Block to join the people who were already heading towards the courtyard where they all stood each morning. Ahead, they could see the congregation of boys from one of their Blocks as they wandered over to take their places. In the crowd, a pair of red heads stood out, and Leta and Kimmi exchanged grins at the sight of red in the wash of blondes and browns. It wasn't that they thought that it was weird or anything, it was just that they could both appreciate how the colors made them stand out. Ahead, on the platform were two individuals that had frightened the twins since they arrived. Neither had ever had a proper conversation with them, but the reputation of Dr. Barns was not kind. Leta squeezed Kimmi's hand as they took their place, waiting impatiently for everyone to arrive so that they could return to the warmth of the inside. On the other side of the courtyard, a car had just drawn up, from which emerged a pair of twins who looked bewildered and confused. Leta felt Kimmi's curiosity, but they kept silent, as was the unwritten rule of the courtyard.


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Kinéra and Relvue
Her eyes were open already, even though it was still early. The screen of her game flickered dangerously through the darkness in the twins' room. It was as if she was possessed, not being able to stop with playing, only staring at it while pushing all of the seven different buttons in an inhuman speed. "It's there... it's finally there! I am gonna get you now, you freaking monster! Here is my revange after my embarassing thirdteenth loss! I am gonna defeat you! You get it! Beg me for forgiveness!," She mumbled to herself as a quite creepy smile appeared on her pale face. It was clear: She was tired. Tired from playing through the whole night. However, her fighting spirit didn't lessen. Her urge to defeat the games' boss was stronger than her urge to get a nice sleep. "Haha, feel that? Now my combo!," She murmured, then suddenly a familiar, annoying noise filled the room, startled her which let her make a fatal mistake.

It was the alarm clock.

"Kin- chaaaan, big brother doesn't want to wake up yet... it's such a good dream!," Suddenly, Rel's sleepy voice was heard, made her push the evil button: The off button. Everything, she'd been working on, through the whole night was gone in an instant. "R-E-L-VUE!," Éra suddenly screamed, getting off of her bed and crawled up to her brothers and pushed him down to the cold floor. With a satisfied snort she saw her twin brother hurting and slightly surprised. "H--Huh, did I sleep on the floor last night? No-- I fell down from my bed! That didn't happen after I reached the age of eight! Awe--," Suddenly a pillow came flying to his face. "--Uff," Was the only thing that came out of his mouth, as then he removed the pillow and gazed to the face of his twin sister. For Relvue, it's a pleasure. Although his sister didn't seem to enjoy gazing upon his face. "Good morning, my lovely Kin- chan!,", he greeted her, like usual.

"Good morning my ass! You just ruined it, moron!,", she grumbled then without any other words, she went to her garderobe, preparing for the usual day in the Camp Bifold. Relvue was of course, confused. What did he do to make her that angry? He didn't know -- and he is eager to know to make it better. "Kin- chaaan, what did I do?," He began as he sat up from his place and looked into Éra's direction; but before he could track her, another pillow came flying, targetting his head. "I am changing! Don't look, stupid brother!," He wanted to complain by saying that he is her brother so it's alright, but then he obediently lay down on the floor again. "Then say what I did wrong! I don't want you to be mad at me,"

"Don't worry too much about things like that. It's fairly normal for me to be angry at you," She said, wanting to avoid having him to worry about her too much. Although she just knew too well that he won't back down though she said it, her stubborn brother. She took some of the clothes of her brother and threw it into his direction. Well, you could say, it was a well done strike. "Hurry up and get into you clothes," She said, then escaped. She knew her brother just too well -- he would probably want to hug her, even when she only helped him to quickly get dressed. He just overreacted every time she is being nice to him. Well, although she might seem not to like it, she still stood in front of the door, patiently waiting for her brother who really made lots of ruckus. Probably trying to find his bag below his mess. She sighed. Another day, another boring lesson, another boring triviality. Or is it?

The courtyard was already crowded as the twins arrived. Relvue then spotted Dr. Barns. A quite uncomfortable individual, even for the optimistic Rel. It was something intimidating about him -- an aura he disliked. Quickly, he turned around, trying to find some faces he knew. There were some familiar faces, but also ones, who he'd never talk with. Cool thing is also, that everyone are twins. Not like this fact is uncommon, though. He never lost much thought about how that is likewise. He only thought it was because twins are likeable - as always, a naive and childish point of view. Although he was still better than his sister, who didn't seem to care at all for her surroundings. Patiently they waited and only expected the normality of the day to continue -- like always.


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Image Image Image

Ayame was awoken suddenly by a harsh jumping on her bed. A very typical wakeup call by her sister, Nagisa. This happened pretty much every morning. Ayame didn't really like it, but she knew that if she told Nagisa not to do it, it would upset her and she hated seeing Nagisa upset. The bubbly girl named, Nagisa bounced on top of her sister, one knee on either side of her sister, not touching her.
♪♫"Come on Meme-chaaaan! It's time to get up! Get up! It's time to gooooo! La la laaa!"♪♫
Nagisa sang to her now wide awake twin. This was not a rare event. Nagisa LOVED to sing. Every other day at least, she would wake Ayame up with one of her world-famous "Good Morning" songs. Well...not world famous...but it was Camp famous...Sometimes the other campers would even find themselves humming one of her tunes during the day.

"Good morning Nagi-neechan. You're happy today." Ayame says groggily. Nagisa giggles as she stops bouncing.
"You're surprised?!" She tilts her head, surprised. Nagisa was always the happiest person to be around. It's why she earned the nickname "Bubbles." Could Ayame really be surprised?!
"Not in the slightest." Ayame said with a laugh. Her sister lept off of her and stood back on the ground.
"We really do need to get going though, sis. We can't be late for Roll Call!"
"All right, all right. I'm up Nagi, I'm up." Ayame sits up as she says this and puts her feet on the floor. She quickly gets dressed. Nagisa, however, was already fully dressed in one of her favorite pink dresses. After Nagisa was fully dressed in her usual jeans and a t-shirt garb, the two left their room.

Shortly after, Nagisa and Ayame made it to the courtyard, awaiting their morning roll call. Nagisa seemed to bounce as she made her way over to the Bernstein twins. She smiled brightly when she approached and gave them both hugs, as she usually did, giving a longer one to Travis.
"Good morning, Mark!" she says as sweet as candy, "good morning, Travis... When she greeted Travis, however, she had a slightly shy tone in her voice and looked away, as one does when they talk to a boy they favor. Ayame rolls her eyes and follows quickly, getting to the brothers shortly after her sister's greeting.
"Morning, gents. Ready for another riveting rendition of Roll Call."
"Alliteration!" Nagisa chirped, quoting a lesson from class. Ayame laughs.


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#, as written by Lorawr

Dr. Barns watched passively as the children slowly swept into the courtyard. A few milled around, chatting and giggling and even hugging. Dr. Barns, if he had been any other man, would have flinched at the sight of the public display of affection. It made him cringe, and make his skin crawl with the desire to wash it. He could feel his scowl darken, and a couple of the children in the front flinched away. Of course, he couldn't call them children aloud. In reality they were supposedly 'young adults', but this pretentious term for individuals not long fallen out of their mothers' womb reeked of false promise. It implied that these children were mature, decision making adults with a few flaws attributed to their youth. This statement, once given to him by a nursing woman who did not know him, was one that he detested. These children were immature, and stank of their own lack of decency.

He watched as they milled around as ants, and slowly came to be silent as the matron became impatient. In her hands, she held an iPad and stylus, and she held them as if they were foreign, alien objects from a time that wasn't hers. She held the objects stiffly, as though they might start singing, and her dislike for modern technology was palpable to anybody that laid witness to her. If she had her way, the morning Roll Call would be done by pencil and paper and would take twice as long. Fortunately, she was as obedient a bitch as any that he allowed to work here, and he personally enjoyed watching her struggle first with unlocking the filthy thing and then juggling the stylus with it, all while attempting to look severe and controlled in front of the children. Dr. Barns heard a small giggle from one of the younger children in the front, and the sound was loud compared to the rigid silence of the others. Instantly, his eyes narrowed and he turned to stare at the culprit, who blushed and looked away. Dr. Barns committed the face to memory, and turned to look at the steel haired matron as she finally began, prompted by the bell that indicated it was time.

The names were listed alphabetically, in order of the eldest twins. So, as usual, the first name called was Abel who called out that he was present, and then his twin, Lucy, did the same when her name was called next. Then it went on to Adam, and so on. As the names were called, a deadly hush hung thickly over the crowd. Other than the rhythmic call of names, the only sound was the whistling of the wind as it stirred the freshly fallen snow. The scene before him was tragically bleak. The monochrome of the day was punctured with the gaudy colors of the children's clothing, and even they seemed melancholic and forgotten next to the bright, clean white of the snow.

Dr. Barns watched them all with a slow, but keen eye, which was soon attracted to the back where the twins from the car, comically dressed in their pajamas still were being urged to take their place among the other children. They appeared lost and confused, and Dr. Barns scowled at the muttered disruption they caused. Their names would need to be added to the Roll Call, still, and they would need to receive the same preliminary physical and mental analysis that all of the others did when they arrived. That was the most interesting bit about receiving new children - finding out their relationship. Dr. Barns looked to the man who had escorted them from Camp Kidd and nodded, the gesture indicating that when the other twins went for breakfast, those two should be detained for their examination. The man nodded, and almost bowed at the waist in reply, and hovered at the edge of the crowd, watching the two new children.

As Dr. Barns continued to survey the crowd, a slight darkness in the shadow of one of the bordering Blocks caught his attention, and he would have smiled, or at least smirked, if he had been a normal man. He glanced at the matron once, and muttered to her that she should continue with the tedious Roll Call in his absence, gazed once more on the sea of heads before him, and then turned and dismounted the stage. A few of the children watched him as he did, and he met their gazes with a frigid glare which caused them swiftly to look away again, and Dr. Barns nodded to himself. The snow was thicker where Rufus was stood, and he looked at the stuff with irritation as he moved to stand next to the man.

"Good morning, Rufus," He greeted him coldly. The man beside him wasn't his friend. In general, Dr. Barns despised the idea of forming relationships on loose bonds such as 'friendship'. Instead, he was obliged to converse with the man due to a mutual interest in their charges. Rufus was what many would call his 'second', though Dr. Barns disliked the term. It implied that he needed help, which he certainly did not. If anything, he liked to think of him as one of his senior minions. Many would call their relationship 'friendship', though as it was born out of a mutual distrust and fascination with the twins, it was more of an agreement to amiably coexist.

"How went the experiment last night? Did we achieve the desired results?"


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Nagisa's smile quickly faded as she saw Dr. Barnes and she placed a hand on Travis's sleeve, gently squeezing it. The sight of him always made her a little uneasy. It wasn't necessarily that she didn't like him, she was just scared of him; almost terrified even. Just the sound of his voice made her tremble and sweat with fright. She watched him quietly as he scanned the crowd and their eyes met for a moment as he scanned the croud. Quickly, she dropped her hand from Travis's arm and look down and to the right blushing nervously. She never liked yelling, but when she heard him yell it was almost as if it caused an earthquake. She had only gotten in trouble with him once, which she was very upset at herself for doing, and it was enough to never make her look at him again. Anger always frightened her, but there was something about Dr. Barnes's anger that was...different.

Ayame felt her heart-rate quicken. She put a hand to her chest and was a bit confused at the time, until she noticed her sister looking away from Dr. Barnes. Good 'ole Dr. Barnes. He scared the pants off of most of the kids here. There was a rumor that, if you looked directly into his eyes for more than five seconds, he would steal your soul. Whether that was true or not was up in the air, though Ayame wouldn't be surprised if it were. There was something about him that was...off. She knew how much Nagisa was afraid of him, especially after the one time he yelled at her. From what Ayame could recall her sister was holding a boy's hand, probably Travis's, and he just blew up like a volcanic eruption. He never did like seeing romantic affections among the kids. But what could he expect from them? They all grew up together so there was bound to be some hanky-panky going on. Even though they were in a camp didn't mean the kids didn't have needs. Especially the boys...

As the roll call commenced, the voices of the other twins sounded melancholy and unenthusiastic. This was a normal thing. Not only was it early in the morning, but the roll call took quite a long time and was ungodly boring. The woman who took roll always spoke in a monotone voice and said all the names slowly. She had a cold stare, almost as cold as Dr. Barnes himself, and if you didn't answer right away, she would give you this glare that would nearly freeze your blood. And there it came:
"Ayame Ichigawa."
"Here..." Ayame replies with a sigh in her voice. The woman gives her a slight glare and Ayame clears her voice slightly, looking away.
"Nagisa Ichigawa."
"Present!" Nagisa pipes up, making sure she can be heard. Once she has stated her presence, she goes back to staring at the ground. She moves her hands up and down her arms in an attempt to warm herself. As she breathes out, a white mist swirls from her mouth and Nagisa begins to shiver. Ayame, knowing the feelings of her sister, walks to Nagisa and puts her arms around her, moving them rapidly up and down, creating friction needed to warm Nagisa's cold arms.
"Regretting not bringing a jacket like I told you to?" Ayame asks in a whisper. Nagisa nods, teeth chattering. Ayame chuckles slightly.
"This is why you should listen to me more often."

Roll call stops briefly as Dr. Rufus appears to speak with Dr. Barnes. Ayame smiles suddenly at his presence. There was something about him that intrigued her. Nagisa always told her it was gross and that he was weird, but Ayame found it easy to ignore her. He was a dark individual and very flirtatious with the women around. Ayame figured that, even though she disliked the thought of love and romance, it was a little teenage crush. She did wonder what would happen once she was 18, though she figured once she and Nagisa was a legal adult, they would finally leave the camp and become functioning human beings in the elusive and seemingly fantasy-ridden outside world.


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It was cold outside. Very cold. There was snow on the ground, and they were not dressed for snow. Though, to be fair, they were never told where they were going and they were taken in the middle of the night. Both of them appeared to be getting extremely cold and groggy. Maybe just plain irritated. But notably, their irritations seemed identical. Same shiver, same warming techniques, same everything. Alex and Adam seemed identical in every way.

They thought they heard something about block 17, about going there. At least they think they did. They tended to have really good hearing sometimes. It seemed weird, random even. That is when they both yelped in pain. From what it looked like, something shocked them both.

"You shocked me!"

"No, you shocked me!"

"Nu uh! You shocked me!"

One of the guards interrupted them, and motioned to take their place in line. It couldn't be helped but to be noticed they even seemed to walk the same. It was like they were totally in sync with each other. Which was supported by the fact they often completed each other's sentences. Don't let their sibling bickering fool you, they are about as close as twins can get, and then some.

As they took their places among the other twins, Alex and Adam started thinking about why they were moved to this new camp. They hoped that maybe here, someone might answer their questions. In their files, it would probably be pointed out that they tended to be "overly curious, observant, and suspicious of all the staff". They glanced back over at that doctor.

"Definently creepy"

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Travis and Mark Bernstein

Mark noticed that Travis smiled a bit when one of the female twins, Nagisa, stepped away from him and went on to hug his brother. Was that affection? Her voice when she greeted him, too... Mark narrowed his eyes and pushed Travis back a bit when the girl dropped her hands. They had done this before, shown affection towards each other. Were they crazy? It was obvious that Dr. Barns wasn't very fond of seeing such actions, displaying them in front of him was like asking for a punishment.
"Hey Ayame, hi Nagisa." Mark said, casting a glance at Nagisa as he spoke her name. She was going to get his brother in to trouble, he knew it.
It was better to try and keep them separate.
To keep them at safe distances.
"Hello, ladies!" Was Travis's greeting, he sounding much more welcoming towards the two girls than Mark did. "I was thinking that when roll call was done, we could-"
"Present!" Mark called out when his name was said, interrupting his brother, "And don't even think about it, Travis."
Travis frowned at him, "I was going to say 'sit together for breakfast', but if you say so. Nevermind, ladies." he muttered, turning his attention back to where Dr. Barns stood when his name was called, "Present!"
He turned back to Mark, "Stop being such a grump."
"Stop acting like such an idiot, then."
Travis scowled "Excuse me?" he snapped, raising an eyebrow. It was always unexpected when Travis and Mark, the two inseparable brothers, actually fought about something. He looked over at Ayame and Nagisa, feeling a bit embarrassed about the argument, and decided to put their disagreement aside until another time, "Actually nevermind. Does it really matter, Mark?" the words came out as sounding sharp, as if they were trying to deflate whatever thing that Mark was trying to do.
His shoulders fell, "No, I guess not."
It worked.

Travis, ignoring the nagging sense of drop in attitude from Mark, noticed Nagisa's shivering and tugged off his jacket, "If I were you, I'd listen to Ayame more often." he said cheerfully as he offered over the piece of clothing. The sudden cold bothered him a little bit, but he was sure that he had a spare coat back in his Block. Besides, it wasn't as if he was going to anguish without it.
On the stage, the roll call went silent without a warning. Dr. Rufus and Dr. Barns then began speaking, but Travis was too far away to hear what they were saying.
"Hey, Mark, do you know what's going on?" He asked, nudging his brothers arm.
Mark shook his head, "Not a clue."


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Tsu and Ken

"Hey, idiot! We're running late again because you forgot to set the alarm! So get out of bed!" Ken was steaming. His brother was lazy enough to not set the alarm and now Ken was going to look like a fool for his brother's mistake. This happened a lot more than Ken liked. He should really just start setting the alarm for himself, maybe even leave Tsu behind just to see what might happen to him.

Ken sighed to himself as he pulled on his clothes; just watching as his younger brother rolled out of bed and groaned a little. Tsu's hair hung over his eyes as he sat completely still. What time was it? Why was Ken mad again? Wasn't Ken always mad...? Tsu smiled slightly and stood with a small stumble. Ken just rolled his eyes.

When Tsu started to put on his clothes, he finally spoke up, "Mornin' Kenchi. Who woke ya' up this time?" Ken flared up at this. He was so calm when he could just get away from his annoying twin. He glared at Tsu and replied with a tone of obvious frustration, "Who says anyone woke me up? I just have a responsible internal clock. You're lucky I even woke you up to come with me!"

Tsu look over, hair still in his face. He guessed he couldn't really complain about being sleepy... He pulled his hood up, not bothering with his hair. No one would talk to him no matter how he looked, so why would he bother with trivial things? Ken just rolled his eyes and stepped out the door. If only he could leave the idiot behind.

Tsu began to follow, quickly regretting the action as he realized he had forgotten his shoes. He yelped loudly and rolled back into the room. It was cold! He rubbed his now cold foot before removing the sock and fetching a new pair. Ken just snickered quietly.

By the time the two came running into place for roll call, they were already running a bit late. Tsu hopped into his place just as his name was called. He gave a loud, but out of breath, "YEAH!" before finally stopping his nerves. When Ken's name was called, the other boy just raised his hand and yelled "Present!" He smiled a little. Dr. Barns was always a lovely sight at this time of day.

While Ken was more than aware of Dr. Barns's less than sociable air, it just didn't faze the younger boy. The doctor was an interesting man, one whom Ken was always attempting to speak with, though mostly listen to. Ken had realized that bothering the good doctor was probably not the best idea...

Tsu looked around the groups of twins from behind his hair. He knew of few of them by name, but never really spoke to any of them. Ken made sure of that. Tsu briefly considered speaking to one of the boys he was standing near. Mark, was it? Of course there was Mark's twin... What was his name? Tsu frowned to himself; slowly realizing that he had a bad habit of only remembering one of any set of twin's names. That was probably something he should solve.

Tsu unconsciously reached a hand out to tap Mark's shoulder, but Ken just grabbed it before Tsu made any contact. "What the hell are you doing? Don't bother him." Ken glared at his brother. If anyone had to deal with Tsu, it was Ken himself. He didn't want anyone else to have to deal with the obnoxious brat.

Ken sighed and let his brother go. He put on his charming smile and looked to the group nearby. "Hello everyone! Would you mind if I joined you for breakfast?" He looked to the two sets of twins. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly as he felt Tsu's eyes on him. His brother would just... deal. He adjusted his glasses and smiled yet again.

Tsu took a small step backwards. It was pointless to attempt anyway, Ken had laid claim to the morning activities. Maybe Tsu would be able to have some fun during free time. A somewhat unsettling grin came to the boy's face as he began to think of what he might do later in the day.