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The Faculty of Kingsworth High are sick of their students attitudes, so now they're forcing them to change their behavior or repeat a grade.

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Camp for Change

The Faculty of Kingsworth High have decided that enough is enough. While the grades of the students may not be as bad as they could be, their attitudes leave much to be desired. The teachers are sick and tired of being ignored during class, and the amount of lip they get from students is roughly the size of a skyscraper. It’s not just a select group of students, it’s all of them. So they’ve decided to add a new requirement to the curriculum.

“…All students, no matter which grade or academic standing, must attend the Summer Youth Improvement course scheduled to start on June 21st, 2012. This is a graduation requirement, meaning that if you do not attend, you will be held back for the year and will have to repeat a grade. This is a mandatory activity and no excuses will be accepted. Have a nice day.”

So it was put into stone that grades 9-12, the students of Kingsworth High, would have to spend (Read: waste)their summer at the Camp for Change grounds, where hopefully, they may change their attitudes and put forth their best effort to make the best of their stay.

Pfft. Yeah, right.

You heard the announcement! Attendance is mandatory. As a student of Kingsworth High, you must attend the Summer Youth Improvement Course, scheduled at the Camp for Change grounds in the forest of some unnamed lot in the area. There, you will take an assessment test to determine your weakest points and work on them accordingly. This is an overnight camp, meaning that you will not be at home at all (not counting the first day, when you are being picked up) and will have to entertain yourself with the things you’ve brought with you. Oh, and your roommates.

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1. Multiple characters are allowed!
2. No text speak! Use proper grammar and spelling!
3. There is no such thing as a perfect character. Make them realistic!
4. There is a one paragraph post limit.
5. This is a relatively relaxed roleplay, so have fun!

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Re: [OOC] Camp for Change

Yes, there would be team building exercises like team sports or group activities like the human knot, but there would also be some classes specific to the quality you need to work on. There are also the basic things like swimming, assemblies, campfires etc.

I will post classes later in the day.

Re: [OOC] Camp for Change

This sounds pretty fun :) I'll have a think about it and maybe submit a character later.

Can I just ask, what sort of things are they going to do at the camp? Do they have to attend classes of some sort? Or is it more like team-building kind of stuff?

Re: [OOC] Camp for Change

Either one, doesn't really matter.

Re: [OOC] Camp for Change

Should the pictures be real or anime? ^^

[OOC] Camp for Change

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