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Name: Airianna Hathaway
Nickname: Aira
Age: 16
Gender: Female
5'-4" With long brown hair. She had soft features and dark moss green eyes.


Personality: Aira is a strong independent person. She is a vary proud girl and sometimes that pride hinders her from asking for help when she may need it. She liked to be alone and is a deep thinker. She generally keeps her emotions in check but when she does it angry she can speak without thinking and it does get her into some trouble. She is honest and sometimes is honest when she doesn't need to be but she is a free spirit and loves to go for a nice run to clear her head. She loves deeply when she loves at all and is vary loyal to her friends and family. She holds her word above all else and is a girl of honor.
Likes: Long Runs, Archery, Reading, Swimming, Hot Coco, Movies, Wolves and Music
Dislikes: mornings, Surprises, being controlled, math, drugs and fish
Dreams: To fallow in her brothers foot steps and own her own house
Fears: The unknown and to live without freedom.
Weaknesses: She is human so anything is really her weakness but you'd never guess that.


History/Bio: Aira was raised by a well known family who fought agenst the magical creatures. Her brother was on the first team to fight against them. While growing up her mother started to hate her father for wanting to kill anyone who wasn't human. She thought they were people and deserved to live their lives. She raised Aira to treat everyone equal but her father pushed his feeling into of hating them and how different they were. Her mother was killed when a team of the Magical creatures attacked them. They killed her for just having the Hathaway last name. It was then that Aira began hating them. Her father raised her and trained her to be the ultimate fighter. But lately Aira ad gotten to think that there is no meaning to the fight.

FOR HUMANS: What are your thoughts about the creatures? She is now unsure about magical creatures but stays on her guard around them at all times.

Theme Song:Chop and Change by The Black Keys

So begins...

Airianna's Story

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Aira sighed as she made her way down the road. She wore a simple white T-shirt with a pair of light stone wash jeans, which were a little worn and had a few holes in the legs and knee, along with her favorite sneakers. Her long brown hair was down with a soft wave to it. it blew in the wind. She watched the forest carefully. Her father had told her to trust no one and watch her back but he was not the reason she was here. Her mother would have wanted this. She would have wanted her to try and make amens for what her family had done. She hoped they would know who she was. Though she knew that at least one of the them would. She turned a bend and saw the sigh. She stopped and looked up slowly and sighed. The only thought in her head was, this is what she would have have wanted.

The camp was quite. It seemed no one was there yet. She saw a cabin with a large board with papers posted up. She walked up to it and read over everything. Most was welcome signs and posts about activities. She noticed the on about archery and smiled. That was one thing she was vary vary good at. Her father had taught her a number of different fighting styles along with how to used a range of different weapons. Aira smiled then shook her head. No! That was not her life anymore. she was a normal girl now.

She then noticed a paper about rooms and thought she saw something about roommates. put her bag down and starting reading over most of the papers waiting for someone to find her. Other humans, Camp counselors or them....

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Character Portrait: Airianna
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Aira walks around and finds the girls cabins just around the corner. She found that humans had there own room together while creatures got there own. She felt a little better about that. She opened the door and found it was just her so far and the room was vary nice. She closed the door behind her and put her bag down on the bed closest to the window. she then heard foot steps coming from the other side of the door. She turned waiting for someone to come in but no one did. Instead they opened the other door and then felt. Aira took a long breath. She would have to try if this whole camp thing would work. She wondered when the other humans would get there. She walked out of the room and jumped down the stairs to see a girl with short almost white hair.

"Hey! Its nice to see someone else here." Aira said walked up to the girl trying to put on her best smile.