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Peter Tate




When people first see Pete, the first thing that they usually think is ‘cute.’ At times, people think he’s even a girl. And though he resents that, even he has to admit that it’s true. He is tiny, pale, and feminine. Standing at about 5’3, he has small bones and an innocent face. Peter also has blond hair and blue eyes, which is just another factor in his ‘girlyness.’ However, he doesn’t do much to counter these accusations. After all, not every boy braids his hair and wears make up, but he does!

Pete is very timid. He doesn’t usually talk unless spoken to, and he flinches away from any type of contact with anyone. Even those who have known him for years aren’t allowed to hug him, or even shake his hand. If they do, there is no telling how he will react. But it usually involves him retreating even further into his self-imposed shell. Pete is also somewhat moody. One minute he could be lost in the clouds, and the next he could be avoiding everyone, or in tears over nothing. Due to both of these factors, he doesn’t really have, or expect to have any friends.

  • Books
  • Music
  • Daydreaming
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • Pretty things
  • Animals
  • Colors
  • Nature
  • Art

  • Sports
  • Pain
  • Being touched
  • Bugs and snakes
  • Hot weather
  • The color brown
  • Dirt
  • Cleaning
  • Loud noises
  • Being made fun of

To take care of people and not have to worry about anything.

  • The dark
  • Physical contact
  • Pain
  • Sudden loud noises
  • Anything that can sting
  • Sharp objects
  • Big people

Pete is very naive and doesn’t quite know how the world works, so it is easy to fool him. His major weakness is definitely other people though. He has no idea how to deal with them and tends to face everything with fear.

Peter was born in Northern England to Alice and David Tate. His mother was diagnosed with depression before he was born, and she wasn’t around when he was a child. Instead, he was left with his father. Now, David Tate was very well known in their town. It was probably why Alice married him; power and a decent reputation. However, things were not what they seemed behind closed doors.

Though he had never touched alcohol or drugs, David was a very mean man. Pete became accustomed to wearing long clothing and make up while living with him. At first it was to cover the evidence, but then he started to experiment, and he liked it. Looking pretty became one of Pete’s favourite pass times. Or course, he was teased for it, but in the end, nothing was as bad as being forced to be who he didn’t want to be.

When his father died in an accident, Peter was actually happy. And it seemed that his mother, though upset, actually got better after this. But she was concerned. Her son, who had once been bubbly and bright, had changed. And she hadn’t even noticed. And he isn’t sure why, he assumes that she was angry with him, but she sent him away. And the rest... well that is to be determined.

What are your thoughts about the creatures?
He is beyond terrified of them... what if they hurt him?

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Pete Tate's Story

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Peter stepped out of the car and looked behind him. “Bye Mom” He whispered, hoping that maybe she would change her mind at hearing that. He was talking.

Instead she just smiled sadly at him, “Bye Petey” She leaned over and shut the door, obviously he wasn’t going to.

He walked away from the car and into the camp. It was terrifying. Yet... according to his mom, this couldn’t be nearly as bad as high school. In high school people called him a fairy, a fruitcake, words that he didn’t even like to think about. Here he just had to worry about being killed! Yes, that was so much better.

As he stepped through the thresh hold, Pee froze. A small, horrified sound escaped his lips and he backed up. There was a dead person only a few feet away from him. And it was talking to what appeared to be a boy. A boy that actually looked a little like Pete himself. This boy was small and blond like him, but his hair was shorter and he looked more like a boy. Plus he looked part robot. ...But at least he was alive.