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When you call me small, expect to call 911 before you do.

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Tameyoshi Kakorunikisushouatsutatane Banshou




Tame has a somewhat stout appearance. He's generally considered small, only being around the height of 5'2. He has a mechanical arm, and his right leg is also mechanical because of a terrible accident that happened recently. Normally, to cover up his mechanical hand and arm, he wears gloves with a long sleeved jacket, cloak, or shirt of some type. The skull symbol in the picture is tattooed on his chest, since it's a symbol of his sorcery and different types of magic-involving arts.

Tame has blonde yellow hair which is usually in a braid, but sometimes he will let it go. His normal attire consists of a black half-jacket with a black shirt, laced with white along with black jeans and black shoes outlined in red, along with a red cloak in which has a black symbol of a five pointed star within a circle, referring to his Wiccan-like knowledge.
Determined and hard-headed, Tame will easily flip out if you dare call him stout, or small, or any synonym. He doesn't enjoy being compared to people, as he thinks he is just one person and no one else. Tameyoshi is also intelligent, figuring out the hardest of mathematical equations which gives him access to different types of magical sciences involving mathematics. He generally enjoys dubstep music, as it fits him for battle music, and it's cool to listen to. The yellow-haired boy is also labeled as uncontrollable, when it comes to predicaments where he's fighting for a long amount of time. After 30 minutes of dueling, he becomes impatient, and just goes blank, letting his mind take over, and he just goes completely insane.

This part of Tame is labeled the Hell of Tame, because once he's in this state, you're in his hell path. The yellow-haired boy normally has a temper, even not when in this state. If he doesn't get done what's supposed to be done, he gets extremely mad and tries to control his anger, but it never really works.

Dubstep Music
Science of Magical Arts; Alchemy and Mysticism

Being controlled

Tameyoshi dreams to become a famous alchemist, or a famous person whom studies scientific methods and magic.

Tameyoshi generally fears birds. No one knows why, and no one knows how, he's just..scared of them.

The boy's weakness is generally pulling his hair. If you pull his hair, there's a certain nerve that makes him a bit weak.
Another one. If you pull, hard, on his mechanical arm, the connected arm with pull on the raw skin and nerves, or the muscle in his cut-off arm, will cause Tame to scream and cry in pain.

Tame was born in a small section of the Magical World, in a small village where the population was only 10 people. It was a rather quiet town, so it was a nice town to do studies in. At the age of 5, Tame was already unlocking equations to put in the key of scientific methods. At 8, he memorized the Fibonacci sequence to perform alchemy. At 11, he was conducting different types of chemistry and unlocking hidden scientific magics, until one day.

One day, Tame, at the age of 15, was experimenting on how to merge souls to create one. Unfortunately for him, he messed up one of the equations, resulting in him making a monster. It was an ugly thing, and it was tall. It had teeth as sharp as blades, and it's body was arched and very anorexic. Tame had to try to fight it off, but unfortunately, it took hold of the teen's left arm and bit through the tendons. Blood was everywhere, and bloodcurdling screams came from the unfortunate male. He kicked it off, but it took hold of his right leg, easily ripping the skin to where it only revealed muscle and bone. It was the most painful experience anyone could have, well, in his perspective. The creature bit through more of his tendons to where it reached his bone, and painfully tore off his left arm to where it was at a stump.

Tame could feel himself get light-headed as he forced himself to stay awake. Everything was blurry, and pain was over 9,000. All he could hear was his helpless screams, and science couldn't save him then. Of course, he himself was a creature, but more human-like than anything demon or mage-like. The creature soon tore at his right leg, and it completely came off. The creature was about to go for his left leg, but then, Tame couldn't take it anymore. It was too much. He was going to die: right there and then. Tameyoshi screamed as loud as a tornado siren, and it was bloodchilling and tearjerking. It sounded like a cat dieing, but louder, and more painful. The unfortunate boy went insane, his pupils and irises small as he began glowing, until he was at maximum power, and he sent the monster to a different dimension.

Once everything was over, one of his robots found him laying there, hyperventilating and laying on his side, crying his eyes out. This robot, though, could feel emotions, and fear swept over the robot. The robot grabbed the boy and since it was a very intelligent robot, it made a mechanical arm and leg for the boy. The boy was still awake, and he had to go through more pain to get the arm and leg attached. The robot pressed the arm against the severed stub, and soon connected the nerves so he could move the arm freely. Tame screamed, but it was less painful than when he got his limbs torn. He screamed when he got the leg attached, too, but after it was all over, he fell asleep.

Tame's mother died when Tame was 8, from a creature whom hated her with a passion. His father. His father murdered his mother brutally, and then committed suicide, so Tame only had his robots with him to keep him company. One of his current creations is a robot in which has:
head of a jaguar
neck of a frilled neck lizard
tail of a dragon
teeth of a sabertooth tiger
claws of a bear
ears of a dragon
This robot is the size of a lion, and being his best companion so far. This particular creation, using the equations of Unconditional Love + Purity, along with Pain + Hate, he made this creature have emotions. This robot is particularly named a "Zounsu", a name he came up with. The Zounsu follows him everywhere, and usually, Tame rides the creature. Though this creature is basically harmless, it's claws can pierce your skin. It only does this under Tame's command.


FOR CREATURES: What are your thoughts about the humans?
I personally don't care. Hi there, humans!

Theme Song:
First of the Year [EQUINOX] Skrillex
CAUTION** Do not watch if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

Tame is also bisexual, and will love a male or female.

So begins...

Tameyoshi Banshou's Story

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The somewhat long-haired boy entered camp with a rather curious expression, as he took off the glove in which covered his mechnical hand. An odd story was behind his mechanical arm and leg, but he's never told anyone, and the only thing that did know was one of his creations whom leaked too much oil and exploded.

One of his other creations, in which he referred to as Zounsu, crouched behind him in a hunting stance as if stalking prey. "Tameyoshi," it growled, the Zounsu's voice being monotone and cold. "Is this thou camp?"

Distracted by messing with his hair braid, he blinked and looked over at the robot. "What?"
"Is this thou camp?"
"Oh, yeah. I thought I programmed you to call me Tame."
"Creator, you did, but I choose to call you Tameyoshi. Nicknames are for friends."
"What? So you aren't my friend?"
"Invalid, creator."
Tameyoshi Banshou, 16 years old. A creature, more human-like than anything magical, born in the magic realm. This boy specializes in alchemy, mysticism, and a variety of clairvoyant sciences of the ancient arts, to conduct experiments with his own abnormal powers to create a much stronger entity. He was a rather small boy, only being the height of 5'2, which in actuality was quite small for his age.
"What? Invalid?! What do you mean invalid?!"
"Invalid. Recharging..."
"Valid. Friendship acquired."

Tame's eyes went wide and glassy. "I program be my friend.."
"Invalid. Companionship only, pipsqueak."
"I pick up knowledge. 99% percent of the people you recognize refer to you as the word pipsqueak. Definition: small and puny, mainly an insult."
"If you know it is an insult, then why do you say it?"
"Creator. I say it because it's your nickname."
Tame frowned.
"My nickname is Tame."
"Recalculating...Tame invalid."
"Excuse me?"
"Tame invalid. Refreshing.."
"Oh forget it you hunk of metal!"
Crossing his arms and walking all the way into the camp with his red cloak bulging behind him, the robotic creature padded next to the male. "Creator, where are we going?"
"I don't know. We'll find out when we find humans," he murmured.

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Character Portrait: Tameyoshi Banshou
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Tame walked inside the camp, seeing if there was anybody around until he spotted..well..a zombie? She had blood all over her mouth, and she looked half dead.

"Should I talk to her?" He asked his robotic companion.
"It is your choice, Tameyoshi."

Deciding to, the robot watched Tame run off towards the girl. Shaking it's head, it began making it's way towards the boy cabin to look for his room and bed and show Tame where to go. The yellow-haired boy wasn't exactly wonderful at directions.

Skidding to a half infront of the zombie girl, Tame put his hands behind his back and looked up. "I should speak to people while I'm here," he said, ignoring the fact she looked extremely scary. "Who are you? I'm Tameyoshi Banshou."

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Character Portrait: Tameyoshi Banshou
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Tameyoshi's gaze shifted as he heard a shrill sound, and was filled with excitement as he pumped his mechanical fist in the air. "Yes! I'm not the smallest anymore! IN YOUR FACE!" He yelled to the sky, his long braid swaying to the side, then he noticed the look on the boy's face. Or was it a girl?


Walking over rather cautiously not to make her, or him, jumpy, he got a little closer to take in his appearance, and then he extended his hand. "Hello Miss! I'm Tameyoshi Banshou, the zombie girl over there is Jacelyn. She's quite nice, actually, for a zombie." Tame looked up a bit, then a stress mark appeared on his head.

"I'm still one inch shorter than you..AGH." Tame sighed, face-palming then looking at Pete. "Who are you?"