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When you have tons of magical creatures together that wont be good. But what if you mix in a few humans.

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Character Portrait: Tameyoshi Banshou
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((i think we can post nao. o3o talked a bit with Bleeding.
ARGH I'm so itchy D:< derp.))

The somewhat long-haired boy entered camp with a rather curious expression, as he took off the glove in which covered his mechnical hand. An odd story was behind his mechanical arm and leg, but he's never told anyone, and the only thing that did know was one of his creations whom leaked too much oil and exploded.

One of his other creations, in which he referred to as Zounsu, crouched behind him in a hunting stance as if stalking prey. "Tameyoshi," it growled, the Zounsu's voice being monotone and cold. "Is this thou camp?"

Distracted by messing with his hair braid, he blinked and looked over at the robot. "What?"
"Is this thou camp?"
"Oh, yeah. I thought I programmed you to call me Tame."
"Creator, you did, but I choose to call you Tameyoshi. Nicknames are for friends."
"What? So you aren't my friend?"
"Invalid, creator."
Tameyoshi Banshou, 16 years old. A creature, more human-like than anything magical, born in the magic realm. This boy specializes in alchemy, mysticism, and a variety of clairvoyant sciences of the ancient arts, to conduct experiments with his own abnormal powers to create a much stronger entity. He was a rather small boy, only being the height of 5'2, which in actuality was quite small for his age.
"What? Invalid?! What do you mean invalid?!"
"Invalid. Recharging..."
"Valid. Friendship acquired."

Tame's eyes went wide and glassy. "I program be my friend.."
"Invalid. Companionship only, pipsqueak."
"I pick up knowledge. 99% percent of the people you recognize refer to you as the word pipsqueak. Definition: small and puny, mainly an insult."
"If you know it is an insult, then why do you say it?"
"Creator. I say it because it's your nickname."
Tame frowned.
"My nickname is Tame."
"Recalculating...Tame invalid."
"Excuse me?"
"Tame invalid. Refreshing.."
"Oh forget it you hunk of metal!"
Crossing his arms and walking all the way into the camp with his red cloak bulging behind him, the robotic creature padded next to the male. "Creator, where are we going?"
"I don't know. We'll find out when we find humans," he murmured.