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When you have tons of magical creatures together that wont be good. But what if you mix in a few humans.

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Owner: BleedingLover
Game Masters: BleedingLover
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Jacelyn sighed one last time before stepping into the camp. Her boots clicked against the solid ground in the empty camp, echoing. She ran her fingers through her hair and walked, looking for anything. She noticed everything seemed organised, which made her happy.

She was a bit OCD, and liked everything neat. Everything tidy. Everything in it's place. Which was what she didn't like about the camp. Humans and creatures shouldn't have mixed. Not everything was in it's place. It didn't make her happy, not at all.

For now, she'd avoid people. If she snuck up on anyone, human or creature, they'd jump. She was scary. So, she'd lurk where they'd spot her. Hopefully they wouldn't send a bullet through their head.