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When you have tons of magical creatures together that wont be good. But what if you mix in a few humans.

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Owner: BleedingLover
Game Masters: BleedingLover
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Character Portrait: Airianna
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Aira walks around and finds the girls cabins just around the corner. She found that humans had there own room together while creatures got there own. She felt a little better about that. She opened the door and found it was just her so far and the room was vary nice. She closed the door behind her and put her bag down on the bed closest to the window. she then heard foot steps coming from the other side of the door. She turned waiting for someone to come in but no one did. Instead they opened the other door and then felt. Aira took a long breath. She would have to try if this whole camp thing would work. She wondered when the other humans would get there. She walked out of the room and jumped down the stairs to see a girl with short almost white hair.

"Hey! Its nice to see someone else here." Aira said walked up to the girl trying to put on her best smile.