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When you have tons of magical creatures together that wont be good. But what if you mix in a few humans.

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When the other boy approached him, the small blonde stepped back. Despite the boy’s size, which was surprisingly smaller then Pete, he wasn’t at all quiet. Actually, he was a bit too loud. The other boy extended a hand. "Hello Miss! I'm Tameyoshi Banshou, the zombie girl over there is Jacelyn. She's quite nice, actually, for a zombie."

Pete’s first instinct was to hide. There wasn’t only a zombie in front of him, but a boy who was quite obviously expecting him to do something, say something… touch his hand. He had never really understood the point of handshakes. Did touching someone automatically make you less likely to hurt them? And as for the second thought… he had just been called Miss.

"I'm still one inch shorter than you..AGH. Who are you?"

“I’m Pete” He said quietly, staring at the other boy’s hand and stuffing his own into his pockets

And that was when fate decided to screw with his brain again. A girl was now with them. A girl who had wings. This was almost more then Pete could handle. He froze, terrified. Birds where pretty, wings where pretty. In fact he liked birds, and theoretically, if a pretty girl or boy had wings, it would have just made them beautiful, right? Not right. Yes, this girl was pretty, but she was also terrifying.

He stood perfectly still, His eyes wide and full of fear. A zombie, a robot boy, and a bird girl… and the only thought that crossed his mind was that if they killed him... he just hoped it wouldn't hurt too much.