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When you have tons of magical creatures together that wont be good. But what if you mix in a few humans.

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Owner: BleedingLover
Game Masters: BleedingLover
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"You're a boy?" He asked, somewhat confused. "I're a very pretty boy then?" Almost in the form of a confused question, he looked up and saw hovering wings. "I'm Tameyoshi Banshou. You all can call me Tame."

Tame froze to hear trudging, and he turned to see his robotic contraption. "Well hello there, bud. Did you find our room?"
It nodded.
"Affirmative." It shifted it's head and looked up at Pete. The robot looked a bit intimidating, considering it was part lizard/dragon/jaguar and probably many more chimera hybrids.

"That's Pete. He's a human here." Tame looked over at Pete and noticed he seemed paralyzed, as if he was a statue.

"Are you okay dude?" Tame asked, shuffling over and resting a mechanical hand on his shoulder. "You should be. I won't hurt 'ya, atleast. I don't think they will either. Sure I'm half robot, but I'm nice." He said with a stupid grin.

"I don't think my robot will hurt you either. He's harmless, though he may look intimidating."