Camp Half-Blood: Second Generations

Camp Half-Blood: Second Generations

We are the Demigods. We train, we bond, we fight, and hopefully nothing big comes our way to reveal our presence to the world. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t work out that way.

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NOTE: This Roleplay takes place some years after the events in Percy Jackson. No one will play the characters from the books. A new war is brewing. More on that later, though. Let us begin.


Welcome to Camp Half-Blood.

You are a Demigod. You have strange abilities that you have never understood. You have seen things that no human has, and you understand them no better than any human would. You are frightened, lost, but you are not alone.
We are family.

A few things to get you started. First, here’s a nice map.

And a little more.
This information was taken from . Please go there for more!

Demigods are completely indistinguishable from humans. Because gods don't have DNA, they don't have any inhuman traits. They do not have a divine form, however they do inherit some traits from their god parent's divine form, for example, Percy inherited Poseidon's black hair and sea-green eyes and brooding look, Annabeth inherited Athena's gray eyes, Thalia and Jason (from The Lost Hero) inherited Zeus' electric blue eyes, Nico and Bianca inherited Hades' black hair, dark eyes, children of Aphrodite inherit her beauty and appeal, children of Hermes inherit his elfish facial features. Children of Hephaestus, such as Leo, Jake, Harley, Nyssa and Charles inherit his skills with mechanics, calloused hands (from working in the forges all day long) and sometimes fire power (As in Leo's case).

The ichor in a demigod's blood stream gives them a distinct scent that all monsters can smell and inexplicably attracts them. There are ways to hide or mask the scent, but if a demigod realizes what he/she truly is, their scent will reach its peak. The scent of children of the Big Three is much more potent than that of lesser demigods. Demigod's personalities tend to very similiar to their parent, for example Percy is reckless and rebellious representing the sea god's free nature, Annabeth inherits her mother's wits and intellegence and Clarisse is very warlike much like her father. There are four children of the Big Three since the death of Bianca, a child of Hades: Percy (Son of Poseidon), Thalia (Daughter of Zeus), Nico (Son of Hades), and Jason (Son of Jupiter, Zeus' Roman form). Also all Demigods have ADHD and/or Dyslexia (though varies from demigod to demigod). Demigods are relatively stronger, more agile, and more durable than regular mortals, and have more resistance to diseases.

Demigods have ADHD (though it varies between demigods), which hardwires them for battle, and dyslexia, which they have because their brains are hardwired for Ancient Greek or Latin. Demigods are the only mortal beings who can (partially) see a god's Divine Form without being destroyed because of the ichor in their blood keeping them alive. Demigods inherit some control over their divine parent's domain, such as Percy's ability to manipulate water or Leo's way with technology and tools. Some demigods also show some control of magic, like when the Apollo cabin cursed the Ares cabin to speak in rhymes, or when they summon monsters (though Luke is the only character shown doing it). Demigods also have a wide variety of other abilities that they all share, but these abilities vary depending on godly parent, including superhuman strength, speed, superhuman senses, agility,above-average healing-factor, durability, endurance, etc.

Depending upon which god is your parent, your powers will differ. The following is a list of the gods, according to which cabin their children occupy at Camp Half-Blood.

Cabin 1-Zeus
Cabin 2-Hera
Cabin 3-Poseidon
Cabin 4-Demeter
Cabin 5-Ares
Cabin 6-Athena
Cabin 7-Apollo
Cabin 8-Artemis
Cabin 9-Hephaestus
Cabin 10-Aphrodite
Cabin 11-Hermes
Cabin 12-Dionysus
Cabin 13 – Hades
Cabin 14 – Iris
Cabin 15 – Hypnos
Cabin 16 – Nemesis
Cabin 17 – Nike
Cabin 18 – Hebe
Cabin 19 – Tyche
Cabin 20 – Hecate

Other minor gods, as of the recent defeat of Kronos, have acquired cabins at Camp Half-Blood. (Feel free to become the child of one of these minor gods.)

Below is a series of lists of powers which might be inherited by a Demigod, depending on their parent. Press f3 on your keyboard and type in the code beside your parent’s name to skip through them.

A1 – Zeus
A2 – Hera
A3 – Poseidon
A4 – Demeter
A5 – Ares
A6 – Athena
A7 – Apollo
A8 – Artemis
A9 – Hephaestus
A10 – Aphrodite
A11 – Hermes
A12 – Dionysus
A13 – Hades
A14 – Iris
A15 – Hypnos
A16 – Nemesis
A17 – Nike
A18 – Hebe
A19 – Tyche
A20 – Hecate

• Children of Zeus are extremely powerful half-bloods, and can send powerful amounts of static shock throughout another's body on contact.
• They have control over air and the sky, being the child of Zeus, Lord of the Sky.
• They can create lightning bolts at will. This skill does drain them of a lot of power.
• They have electrokinesis (control and create lightning, electricity, and thunder)
• Since Zeus is the leader of the gods the children of Zeus have a strong leadership quality
• Has control over things that are in their father's domain like the statues of the angels in The Titans Curse.
• They may be aerokinetic (power to control the weather and wind), as Zeus controls the wind.
• They can fly. Jason used this skill many times in The Lost Hero, but as Thalia never tried, it is unknown if she can. (Thalia is afraid of heights, this is ironic seeing as she is the daughter of Zeus)
• They have a resistance to lightning and electricity.

A2 – Hera
• None are mentioned. She is the goddess of marriage and fertility.

A3 - Poseidon
• Children of Poseidon have the ability to breathe underwater.
• Children of Poseidon are some of the most powerful demigods alive since Poseidon is one of the Big Three Olympian gods.
• All can move water with their mind, as they are hydrokinetic (or aquakinetic).
• They have telepathic connections to equestrian animals (horses, zebras, giraffes, pegasi, hippocampi, etc.)
• They don't get hurt when falling into water from a high altitude.
• Can withstand immense pressure acting on them in the sea.
• They, and everything they touch, stay or become dry in water, unless they want to be wet.
• All have a higher resistance to fire or burns.
• They can make water shoot out from petrified seashells.
• They can control ships.
• They know their exact coordinates in water.
• They can make air bubbles form underwater.
• Can make water into a path.
• Can talk to each other telepathically underwater and with other aquatic beings.
• Can harden water in to shields with out freezing it.
• They can tell the difference between salt water and fresh water.
• They can create earthquakes, as their father is the god of earthquakes besides him being the god of the sea.
• They can create personal hurricanes, as their father is the god of storms.
• They have the protection against burning faster because of Poseidon's nature.
• They have really good building skills if they are a cyclops or part cyclops.

A4 - Demeter
• None are mentioned. She is the goddess of the harvest and agriculture, and her children can lightly influence plants to grow.
A5 - Ares
• They are very strong and swift, and have incredible fighting powers.
• Being a child of Ares would make them an expert in all weapon usage and may even have some degree of magical control over them.
• Some may have received the blessing of Ares, which makes them near invincible while it lasts. Clarisse received this blessing after slaying a drakon in a spectacular fashion - something her father was enormously proud of.
• Might be experts in some war areas.
• Cursed the Apollo Archers' arrows to turn to rubber, might be able to do this with other weapons or projectiles.
• Experts in hand-to-hand combat

A6 - Athena
• They are master strategists
• They are trained in hand-to-hand combat, and very good at it, as Athena is the goddess of battle.
• They are extremely intelligent, wise and clever, as their mother, Athena, is the goddess of wisdom.

A7 - Apollo
• The demigod children of Apollo can heal people by singing a song to their father.
• They can curse others to only speak in rhyming couplets that can take days or even weeks to wear off (depending on strength and number of people in the spell) as shown in The Last Olympian.
• Most children of Apollo are expert archers and also experts at basketball and other missile weapons or games.
• Apollo's children are good at the arts since Apollo is the patron of the arts.
• Since Apollo is the God of Music, his children are natural musicians.
• They might have photokinesis, the ability to control light since there father is the god of the sun, and may also possess vitakinesis, the ability to heal or harm the human body, since their father is the god of medicine and diseases.
• Curiously enough, it seems the Apollo cabin do not indulge themselves in poetry. This may be due to the fact that they have heard/read their father's poem. It is unknown if the Apollo cabin members have the "poetic skill" their father has.

A8 - Artemis
The Hunters are not strictly Artemis’ children, as she has taken a vow never to be with a man. Instead, they are servants and family of the goddess. The Hunters have a silvery aura, and are stronger and faster than the average human/demigod/nymph. They are immortal unless they fall in battle or fall in love, and are seen to have the upper hand in battle, with their fighting powers. They can also make bows and arrows appear when ever they want and are excellent archers. They can apparently converse with their wolves and other animals.
A9 - Hephaestus
• Can make anything with their hands.
• Experts in mechanics.
• They are probably very strong, since their father works in the forges often (as do his children) and probably do a lot of heavy lifting.
• Can sense machines, mechanics, or metal even when it's buried.
• Know how to use any type of machine by touching it.
• Know what type of machine it is and how it works by touching it.
• Though it is very rare, some have the ability to control fire (Pyrokenisis) such as Leo.
• Can sense faults in metal.

A10 - Aphrodite
• They can attract the opposite gender when they walk by (as her mom was a seductress in greek myths).
• Magical control over clothes, makeup, and jewelry, mentioned by the Stoll brothers in The Demigod Files.
• Minor degree of love magic.
• Ability to change their physical features because Aphrodite is also the goddess of beauty.
• Some have the ability to charmspeak: allowing them to influence other people by speaking their opinion.
• The ability to speak French as it is "the language of love" as mentioned by Boreas.

A11 - Hermes
• Hermes is the god of thieves, so they might have a supernatural way of stealing things without others noticing.
• Hermes is also a traveler god, so the children of Hermes could be able to "teleport." (Luke supposedly shows this ability in The Lightning Thief, when he slashes Backbiter through the air and disappears).
• Hermes is the god of sports and athletics, so his demigod children may excel in athletics.
• They may be have powers of persuasiveness, like Hermes, since he is the god of thieves.

A12 - Dionysus
• They can control the states of the mind;they probably specialize in madness.
• They can also control grapes and strawberry plants, just like their father.

A13 – Hades
• They have dominion over the dead.
• They have necromancy, the ability to summon and communicate with the dead.
• They can kill undead skeletons.
• They can sense when a mortal or half-blood that they know has died through a "buzzing" in their ears.
• They can create flaming fissures of hellfire that then closes, swallowing up dead creatures and immediately trapping them in the Underworld.
• They can call forth the dead from the Underworld using food and drink (Nico has been seen doing this, but it is unknown if he can do it without the Stygian iron sword used to back off spirits).
• It is suggested that they can bend shadows to conceal their presence.
• They can shadow travel (a form of teleportation that allows the creature of the Underworld to quickly travel to any desired place on earth). This power is very exhausting for demigods to perform.
• They can put skeletons asleep by pointing at them.
• Able to release the spirits from the souls of people who should have died
• They have geokinesis, the ability to move rocks and minerals with their minds.

A14 – Iris
• They have good communication skills and tend to make great artists.
• They have good color coordination.

A15 – Hypnos
• Able to make memories resurface.
• The ability to induce sleep
• Can exist in many forms at once, as indicated in page 105 of The Lost Hero
• They possibly have properties over hypnosis, since it is related to sleep.

A16 – Nemesis
• They believe that people who are full of themselves should be brought down.
• They never forget an insult.
• They make good allies.

A17 – Nike
• They are super competitive.
• They live for contests and never settle for second best.
• They can be pretty intense and driven but they are hard workers and tough opponents.
• They never turn down a challenge.

A18 – Hebe
• They are ultimate "people people."
• They love to do community service and make people happy.
• They delight in parties and feasts.
• They love to serve their friends.
• They also tend to maintain a youthful appearance.

A19 – Tyche
• They love games of chance.
• They have an uncanny ability of winning when it seems least likely.
• Their behavior often seems random.
• They usually come out ahead.

A20 – Hecate
The demigod children of Hecate possess some magical abilities (as shown by Circe and Lou Ellen. One example of these powers: Lou Ellen playing a joke on a child of Demeter by removing the nose from her face.)
Descriptions of the cabins can be found here:
In the “description of cabins” section.


taken ~Castor Demoin - Child of Zeus ~ taken
open ~Child of Poseidon ~ open
open ~ Child of Demeter ~ open

taken ~ Alex Hartley - Child of Ares ~ taken
taken ~ Emilie Barnes - Child of Athena ~ taken
reserved ~ Child of Apollo ~ reserved
open ~ Hunter of Artemis ~ open
taken ~ Pierre Salut - Child of Hephaestus ~ taken
taken ~ Dawn Rider - Child of Aphrodite ~ taken
open ~ Child of Hermes ~ open
open ~ Child of Dionysus ~ open

taken ~ Nikki Riverstone - Child of Hades ~ taken
open ~ Child of Iris ~ open
open ~ Child of Hypnos ~ open

taken ~ Nikoline Klaus - Child of Nemesis ~ taken
open ~ Child of Nike ~ open
open ~ Child of Hebe ~ open
open ~ Child of Tyche ~ open

Character Skeleton
God Parent:
Human Parent: (offer a full description of them, appearance and personality included. It can be brief, but must be there.)
Appearance: (include a picture and a description)
Personality: (should mirror the god parent in some way)
Magical Items: (gifts from your parents. Don’t go overboard.)
History: (what have you been doing, before coming to Camp Half-Blood?)

Toggle Rules

1. No god-modding or power-play. I mean, sure, their parents are gods. Doesn’t mean they can’t get hurt, or sick, or hungry, or thirsty, or tired, and doesn’t mean they can’t die. In fact, they most definitely can die. And many probably will.
2. Posts must be at least FIVE sentences long. They must be fully literate, with good grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and use of tenses.
3. Don’t be ridiculous. A child of Zeus can’t control water, and a child of Poseidon can’t call lightning down from the sky. It just doesn’t work.
4. Be appropriate. Don’t swear constantly, no romance above the level of PG-13, keep your violence down to a graphic minimum. We don’t want people getting sick, or scarred, from reading the RP.
5. Two characters per person, tops. It just gets to be too much to handle, otherwise.
6. Be mature. Don’t bicker, don’t squabble, and please don’t make life hell for everyone else. The bigger man (or Demigod) is the one who walks away from the fight.
7. There will be only two Demigods in each cabin, unless someone is absolutely DESPERATE to be a child of a certain god.

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The day dawned brightly over Camp Half-Blood. It always seemed to do that; dawn brightly. And it never failed to annoy Nikki. She hated bright light, daylight more than anything. The sun was a constant annoyance to her. If only it were safe to go live in a cave somewhere, she would. But it wasn't safe; the only safe place in the world for her, or for people like her, was the camp on Half-Blood Hill. So that was where she stayed.
Here in the accursed sun, surrounded by damned noisy half-bloods.

She probably would have had no problem with the sun, if she could manage to sleep with it. But without fail, whenever that bright light broke the edge of her cabin windows and fell into the room like a cascade of gold, her eyes flew open, and sleep was done with for the night. She was a nocturnal creature as it was; it took her hours upon hours to get to sleep every night. If only she could have slept during the day; she could have done it if she were allowed to close the curtains. But camp activities occurred during the day, and for some reason she was required to participate. So it was that she slept during the night, and woke with the dawn. Every damned day.

And this day was, naturally, the same as every other day had been. The sun broke through the windows, turning the inside of her eyelids scarlet. And she was awake.

She lay in her bed for a time, staring up at the ceiling. The black stone provided some small comfort, except that it soaked up the sun like a sponge, and in a couple minutes it would be baking hot inside the cabin. That was another thing she hated; the heat.
Oh, why couldn't she just live in a cave?

When the cabin began to get too warm to stay inside, Nikki swung out of bed and seized the mound of clothing she had left in a pile on the floor the previous day. In a matter of minutes, she was dressed in one of those accursed, bright orange Camp Half-Blood shirts, and a pair of remarkably short black shorts. She hated wearing too much clothing. It felt odd against her skin, constricting. Normally, she would have worn as little as was probably legal. But this was camp. Some fools would be scarred by her normal uniform. So she dressed as Chiron said she was to dress, and cursed his name every night when she prayed to her father, Hades.
Nothing could make her put down her Stygian iron blade, of course.

It was the first step out of the cabin which was the most painful. It always was the most painful. The bright light scalded her eyes, and she had to cover them for a moment before she could actually head out into camp. Of course, being able to see was not all that pleasant, either.

It only revealed how very many cheerful faces she was going to have to deal with during the day. Oh, how she wished her brother, Nico di Angelo, were back form his quest. At least she could stand his presence...


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Dawn woke up with the sun. She sat in front of her vanity, crowded by the other daughters of Aphrodite, even the occasional son. All complaining of a lack of mirror space. Dawn snapped her fingers repeatedly, shuffling through various hair colors and looks. She finally stopped on one of her favourite looks. Blonde hair , green eyes, fair skin. She applied a little eye liner and some mascara and donned a Camp Half-Blood tank top, and some short shorts. IT was time for her to begin her day.

She stretched as she exited the cabin. It was still early yet, none of the classes had started, the campers were just starting to leave their cabins. Dawn headed over to the Mess hall for breakfast. She heard her name a few times, various hello's and good mornings. She smiled diplomatically and and waved in return. She was well known at camp. She tried to smile and be nice to everyone, she liked making friends.

She ate in peace, being the early bird that she was. A few boys stopped and tried to talk to her, she remained poliet, but was secretly annoyed at their presence. It wasn't that she disliked the attention, it was just that being Aphrodite’s daughter gave a lot of boys the wrong ideas. Just because Aphrodite was the goddess of love and LUST, didn't mean Dawn wanted to hook up with every boy she met. She sometimes dreamed about dating a mortal boy, that had no inkling of her lineage. Maybe then she could get a boyfriend because of her charming personality. She gave a wistful sigh, and finished her eggs and bacon, aside from the piece she threw in the fire to her mother.

“Don't take that wrong mom,” She prayed. She walked off to the art's and crafts tent to being her day.


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Both Emilie and Alex, were already awake. They loved training, and the fact that they could never beat each other, made them want to push themselves even further. The sounds of clanging swords could be heard from yards away. "Getting tired?" Emilie teased with a smirk on her lips.

"Never." Alex replied, determination coating his every word.

"Alright you two. Break it up." The combat instructor walked over with a smile on his lips. "Why do you two continue to fight eachother? You know neither of you will ever win." Alex walked over and slumped an arm on Emilie's shoulder. "That's what makes it fun. We only try harder." "Even if neither of us will ever win."

The instructor crossed his arms. "Well, I cant say that training with each other hasn't improved your abilities, so, whatever. Carry on." He walked off and Emilie, with a sigh, turned to Alex. "We should get something to eat." "Are you admitting defeat?" "No, but my stomach is admitting hunger, so lets go." Alex smiled and they walked off toward the Mess hall.

When they reached the doors, Emilie turned around and looked at the rising sun for a moment, before walking in behind Alex.


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The sun beating down on her back, Nikki started walking towards the mess hall, where most of the campers had already gathered for breakfast. Some food and a nice offering to her father; maybe that would wake her up and help her face this blinding, noisy day.
Oh, how she wished she could just go live in a cave somewhere…

She had quite nearly reached the mess hall, when she caught the sound of footsteps coming up rapidly from behind her. It was an easy swaying gate; the step of a practiced warrior, not in a hurry but moving quickly. It was a familiar gate, as well. Someone she had known for years…

She was just about to turn and demand that he leave her be when his long, powerful arm swung up over her shoulders, knocking her off balance. She staggered, but absorbed the blow easily, throwing the force back up at him when she suddenly straightened, throwing him off of her. He laughed as he stumbled away from her. Slowly, Nikki turned, russet eyes burning, to gaze into the darkly tanned face of Castor Demoin, son of Zeus.

“Morning, Niks!” he laughed, waving eagerly at her as he came to stand at her side.

“Go die,” Nikki answered coolly, turning and moving on towards the mess hall. He kept pace with her easily; his legs were much longer than hers, even if she was much taller than most girls her age.

“Don’t be mean,” he grinned, reaching up, as though to ruffle his hand through her spiky silver hair. She caught his hand half way to her head, twisting it slightly to keep him from continuing anyways.

“Don’t touch me,” she answered frigidly, then forced him away and moved along. He was still laughing when he caught up with her again, and they passed through the columns, into the messhall.
It was all Nikki could do to home that someone else would grab Castor, as he had many more friends than she did, and that she would be left in peace.

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