Camp half blood.Isabella Luna Scott

One of the girls that's part of the 7 demigods in the Prophecy. [Daughter Of Athena]

a character in “Camp half blood- The New Great Prophecy”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Isabella is fourteen and she is the height of 5'4" not very tall for a girl but she rather be short. Isabella doesn't weigh much only about 120lbs which really isn't much if you think about it. Her eyes are a stunning blue and her hair is a wavy dirty blonde that drifts past her shoulders.

(Picture tells most of the description.)
Name- Isabella Luna Scott
How long have you been at camp?: 8 years. (She's been at camp half blood since she was 6)
Who is your god parent?: Athena
Likes: Books, learning new things, reasoning with people, teaching others things they should know, her cabin mates, that there seems to be so many children of Aphrodite.
Dislikes: Being told she's wrong, people making rude comments about her mother, when people insult her, stupid people in general, being yelled at, and many other things.
Eyes: Stunningly blue
(I had worked really hard on a sheet but then everyone else made there girl a daughter of Aphrodite so I switched and made her daughter of Athena. I will edit some more things in later though! i promise.)


She has a bow and multiple arrows that Zach kept giving her. (Zach is her friend from her past but became a claimed demigod as well)
She also has a silver chain that her father gave her.

So begins...

Isabella Luna Scott's Story