Ambria Hart

Daughter of Artemis

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a character in “Camp Halfblood; Camp Jupiter”, as played by MotherDragons


Name: Ambria Hart
Nickname(s):Just call me Ambria, if you please.
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: She likes both.
Roman/Greek: Roman
Personality: Soft spoken and shy, Ambria would rather listen than speak. She is shy and timid. She is better with animals than humans. She is very sweet to people she likes. She also refuses to acknowledge people she dislikes. She lives off in her own fantasy land and seems mad. In all reality she is slightly mad.
History: She tends to ignore it. She is the daughter of Artemis. She was taken into foster home to foster home. She feels like she isn't loved. She has gotten into a lot of trouble and tends to get into fist fights.
Family: The Abusive drunk who adopted her.
Weapon(s): She carry's a pocket knife, but that's about it.
Extra: she is pretty good at lock picking.
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