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Here is the camp for the glorious and powerful indigo children to hone and master their powers.

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Owner: Avenged-Sevenfold
Game Masters: Avenged-Sevenfold
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Welcome to Camp Indigo. As I'm sure you know, you're not normal. Yeah; none of us are, so deal with it. Anyway, I'm glad that we have some fresh blood here. Believe me; we needed it after the Epidemic. The Epidemic was a time of great distress for the Indigo's. The time of the Crystals. The Crystals were...well, Hitler, but greatly magnified. They had amazing power, but they abused it to the point in which they enslaved the human race. They attempted to destroy the Indigo's, and for a time, they succeeded. One day, a man heard a voice in his head. It spoke a prophecy that was never heard before;
As the lost ones return,
The crystals will break,
A war will soon overturn,
And the battle will have peace take.

He told people about this. And was executed shortly afterwards. But the memory lingered, and is still celebrated today. The battle was fought...and came as a stand-still. The Indigos and the Crystals were now one unit. But every so often, there is another epidemic, neither as long-lasting, or as widespread as the first. But battles are fought, and the Angels intervene by reminding the prophecy again and again. Nowadays, there is a camp in which the Angels, Demons, Indigos, and Crystals reside and train. They are allowed out of the place, but must get permission first. Welcome.


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