The Forest of ArcanumHotch

Male, Yearling

a character in “Canis Lupis: The Forest of Arcanum”, as played by Solarbay

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Hotch is your average wolf color: grey and white coat with brown markings scattered around his nose and ears. His eyes are yellow and ears riddles with scars from battles and mishaps. He is a bit on the small size for a yearling male due to slight malnutrition as a cub.


Hotch is a very playful wolf, choosing to romp and roughhouse with anything willing. His upbringing with no younger siblings has caused him to be a little ignorant of wolf etiquette and he frequently pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable. He is not strong, but quick and cunning. He longs to have a family again but is very wary of strange wolves, especially ones the same age as his older sister.


Hotch was born in a small pack that included his parents and older sister. His early months were full of prosperity and happiness, going to bed every morning with a full stomach. However, a famine hit his pack’s small valley and many of the herbivores died or left. His pack tried to follow the herds but could not keep up, especially after the unfortunate death of his father. At 8 months old, his mother died of starvation and his sister turned on him, forcing him out into the world on his own. Hungry months passed as he tried to fend for himself, at one time receiving the majority of his scars trying to chase a bear away from a carcass. At length his cleverness and ingenuity fared him well and he continues to roam the landscape, looking for a permanent home.

So begins...

Hotch's Story