The Forest of ArcanumRafe

Male, Lone Wolf

a character in “Canis Lupis: The Forest of Arcanum”, as played by YuukiiLover

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


His pelt is as black as the shadows, and his eyes are green like an emerald. He has multiple scars lining his pelt some harder to see then others, but has three defined scars on his face from his snout to his neck. He is very large, slender, and faster than most wolves.


He is easy to anger and slow to calm down. He is very distant and quiet for the most part. He is very Mature for is age although he is a year and a half. He doesn't trust easily, but is very kind when you get to know him. Despite his large appearance, he is like a pup to those he knows and trusts. He is very fierce and strong, and will protect the ones who need it and who he trusts and loves.


Rafe was next in line for Alpha Male, until that moonless night. He was standing over his fathers body when his pack found him, his black paws painted red. Before he could tell his pack that their leader had been killed by an unknown wolf, he was attacked. He kept trying to tell them what had happened, but they wouldn't listen. He yapped and whined at their blows, he wouldn't attack. As he continued to get weaker, he knew they would eventually kill him. So he used the last of his strength to run away. He ran til he couldn't anymore and collapsed from exhaustion, til the pain finally caught up with him that his family and friends banished him, that his father that he looked up to and loved dearly was dead, and that he was blamed for it. Since that day, he never looked back and he vowed that he would stalk, hunt, and kill the wolf that murdered his beloved father.

So begins...

Rafe's Story