Canis Lupis: The Forest of Arcanum

Canis Lupis: The Forest of Arcanum Open

In the forest of Arcanum two packs waged war. Both packs had been massive in numbers, destroying each other in the process. Two years later new life has begun to enter the forest. Lone wolves have moved in, lonely, hungry, and itching for a fight.

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Owner: Caspea
Game Masters: Caspea
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Rafe puffed out his chest to appear large to this small sickly wolf, looking as if he was fine when he was really in pain. He barked, Well first we need to decide what animal to go after. My pack came up with a way to distract our prey, by acting injured. I'll be the decoy, I will act injured and we will cut my pad again just to get the scent of blood in the air. The animal will approch me as it thinks I wont be a threat. Then you two will attack it once again distracting it, and i'll go for the kill as its throat is exposed. Sound like a plan? Rafe smiled as he thought to himself how genius he sounded.