Canis Lupis: The Forest of Arcanum

Canis Lupis: The Forest of Arcanum Open

In the forest of Arcanum two packs waged war. Both packs had been massive in numbers, destroying each other in the process. Two years later new life has begun to enter the forest. Lone wolves have moved in, lonely, hungry, and itching for a fight.

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Owner: Caspea
Game Masters: Caspea
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Caspea sat in the dirt. Whatever you think would work. She looked at the scrawny youngster who had yet to say anything. What would you like to eat? It's still spring so there should be a herd of deer or elk somewhere in this forest. She looked over at Rafe. I was always a fast runner in my old pack, my father had me go in to pick out the easiest prey in the herd, and cut it off from the rest. A sigh escaped her maw as thoughts of home sent a sadness through her heart. Her pack had adopted her, her mother had told her that she and her mate had been scouting a new found herd in some tall grasslands, she had crept close to a young gazell before nearly stepping on a small runt of a wolf. I was surprised that my father had included me as much as he had on the hunts. she murmured to her acquaintences.