Canis Lupis: The Forest of Arcanum

Canis Lupis: The Forest of Arcanum Open

In the forest of Arcanum two packs waged war. Both packs had been massive in numbers, destroying each other in the process. Two years later new life has begun to enter the forest. Lone wolves have moved in, lonely, hungry, and itching for a fight.

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Hotch stood and stared at the two, slowly lowering his body out of a threatening posture. They did both look hungry and, if they were telling the truth, he wouldn't mind grabbing a bite bigger than a squirrel. We should go and see what we can find, he recommended, sitting down. It's easy to get your hopes up for one thing or another...but you have to get what you can find. He glanced between the to wolves and wondered about their hunting experiences. He had known better than to go after anything large by himself but often thought about tricks for the hunt. He couldn't hide his doubt at the larger wolf's plan. It wouldn't be a good idea to injure yourself...again. He sniffed down at Rae's paw. Besides, the smell of blood would only attract other things interested in blood...such as bears. He shuddered at the thought, betraying his fear of bears. He turned to face the female. Since you and I are fast runners, we should find a weak animal and chase it. Then you, he turned and tipped his head at the large male. You can be ready to jump and weigh it down. You don't look like you can do much running.